Tower of the Elephant Contest Winners 🐘

Stunning job, congratulations my friend, you really earn your position in the top 15. Bravo

Now my friend @Halk, please visit this beautiful job theese persons made and tell me again if i am naive :wink:. If in my server i had this kind of constructions, i would be proud to participate. This is exactly what i meant ‘beautiful big constructions’.

Very impressive! Yours is definitely one of my favorites! I love all the details inside and out.

It must’ve taken ages to stack all of those wine cups! :joy:

There was some amazing designs in here. Serious credit to all of the winners and runners-up for showcasing their creativity and hard work. I look at big intricate structures like these and just marvel at them. I did not (can not) participate in building contests such as these, as I just have zero inbuilt creativity for this sort of thing. The best I can manage are rudimentary square or rectangular buildings, but I digress.

I know I am probably getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I cant wait to see some of the new building options and their finished products once the New Map arrives! :yum:

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Cheers, yeh stacking them was a bit painful haha…little rascals seemed to want to only be placed randomly off centre of each cup.

Love your sinister tower. The whole design is fantastic.

The more I look at it … the more cool design decisions I see… The use of the vaulted ceilings for the outer wedge bevel looks great. Wouldn’t have thought to do that myself. And the use of the bird statue adornments is on point! Love it

Very well done. So many talented builders on Conan


Oh Good, I was having weird dreams other night since no one shared theirs… I was starting to think I was only person who didnt win, and was only person who had to share. XD


what a weird dream…

I’ll have to nab other screen caps, or maybe try to nab some more… contest said send in 1 per email. So I really didnt nab abunch of whole thing.

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Yes, and you totally missed the point again :wink:

I just explain my post ,thats my point my friend , it always was

I don’t believe it was so easy to choose the top 15 . I believe that the winners really deserve the prize but they are not way better than the rest . Their work was beautiful and inspirational . Still participate on a contest like this , the real prize is your fun to do what you love , isn’t it?

that was my effort

i tried to give shape of elephant head to the tower balconies


So Fabulous!!! Looks amazing! If i used that many torches i would probably have 4-5 fps LOL. I’m putting 1 torch every 7 to 10 blocks and im getting 12-15 fps. Love the fire light on the building and surroundings.

Well Done! Happy gaming :+1:

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Standing ovation

Stunning work, folks. I love each and every one of them. They’re all so unique in their representation, from the ones trying to be as accurately true to the original story as possible, to the wildly creative ones.

I originally had the idea of making a comic of the novella with screenshots, but after starting the project and realizing the sheer enormity of the scope I basically chickened out because I wouldn’t have had the time to make it as good as I wanted. I’m happy to see that someone else had the same idea and pulled it through so well.

The building system of Conan Exiles, even in its vanilla mode with no mods, has an infinite amount of opportunities for creativity. These building contests showcase some of that creativity so well, and serve as an inspiration to other builders.


The nasty thing on consoles is that you loose all your lights and your decorations from distance. So it’s impossible to take a full photo of the tower. The towers location was tricky so my build must be higher than the other towers that allready existed in the area. But ps4 is incapable to read the details. Not to mention that every time i play conan it sounds like helicopter :joy::joy::joy:. My wife is always understanding that i play conan from the sound of the console and she is coming and closing my door angy saying, you play with the naked girls again, put something on them it is raining :joy::joy::joy:. Oh my Bella is a piece of art, i bow to the game designers, they are the best :+1:, after all we play and create on their base we must never forget to thank this marvelous staff that worked and give us this brilliant game, so once more :+1: thank you guys and girls ofcurce :wink:.


Youre Right in all Points !
btw. you remember my first few minutes in Conan Exiles. My first Char was a men. after 3 minutes playing the game i pressed space an the guy jumped. What i saw then…omg, my head hurts, i thought i would become blind ! (full nacked Server). Since that Point i Play only female Chars. My wife told me the same like yours…and much more, but after i showed her whats up with a guy Char… she said: OK, youre Right. :wink:


It is too risky to saw to my wife what is going on with the male character. Maybe i will have to share the ps4 :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I will leave her to her ignorance :wink:.

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:joy: :joy: :+1:

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I kinda wish we had free-roam camera on ps4…

Kinda sucks torches fade out at that distance… you can really see spider or main open room.

I made small town to side, with walled off section with tower.

I had abit of trouble 1st few tries, as garden with all plants + town kept crashing game…
Was impossible to get town and tower and garden in 1shot… everytime I got far enough to do so, some of objects didnt load in XD

Not mention wolves would respawn to side and attack thralls pretending to be npc’s…lol

Tower has 4 floors, but only main one got deco’s… Throne with chest and some assorted goodies, with spider overlooking chest.

Back of tower has no walls… helped to cut down some of objects and blue screens. XD


Bravo @Sera67, beautiful job :+1:.

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Hi, number 2 here.) Great works ya all, I’m glad i found out this post, where you posted more images/videos/texts of your designs, so we can all apreciate your works.) it will take some time to go through everything.

Here is my imgur album if anyone is interested at all xD

and some explanations I sent with my images:

I red the book and „Conan and the tower of the elephant“ game manual with its story by Greg Lynch.

I tryied to make my design authentic so tower is 46 metres high = 18 modules (if info about 1 ingame module height is right -> 256 cm) [img: 01].

Tower has outer and inner wall with greenery on top, outer garden with 4 fountains and inner garden with dense grass and lions in their underground dens [img: 02, 03, 04] .

Tower itself is minimalistic with top from diamonds and other expensive rocks, difficult to climb because walls are smooth as silk and only half is build… i made decision to cut whole building and make section, so I/you can see inside, like in doll house or fallout shelter game. Inside you can find basement, ground storey, roof with small building and 5 storeys between [img: 05] .

Tower is made from two-layer walls with built in airconditioning which pulls air from roof storey… because there aren’t any windows (only indoors to take air from two-layer wall) [img: 06] .

Tower has central spiral stairs core, which is hidden for purpose of my design (clever wink).

In the basement there is armory and barracks, where soldiers can sleep and drink [img: 07] .

Ground storey is big main hall with dancers and bartender [img: 08] .

First storey contains altar of Zath, idol of Zath, religious suplies and offering tables… if you can, don’t go there, it’s dark place [img: 09] .

Second storey is big library, where Yara can study. Guarded by 4 skeletons in corpse room, he can safely past his time by reading books from library [img: 10] .

Third storey is Laboratory with big „L“, where Yara spend most of his time. There is alchemical equipment and storage of dangerous substances, guarded by some shambling boar-things [img: 11] .

Fourth storey is personal lodge of Yara… it’s on your imagination what is he doing there… sleeping of course.) [img: 12] .

Fifth storey is full of big spiders which guards The Heart of Elephant… which belongs to Yag-Kosha, who is tied with the stone by Yara’s curse [img: 13] .

Roof storey with entry building is guarded by gigantic guardian spider (able to kill anyone by one bite). There are 3 chests which contains many riches, which purpose is to stop thieves to go lower into the tower [img: 14] .

And that’s all, I don’t own any DLC (thx to winning first one xD), so there are only some interior things from my friend who owns derketo one.)


Well thank you.)
i know my design is not super cool, but i bet on open design, „Less is better“ and on authenticity… seems they liked it .)

Yours amazing too, and with nice tune to it .)) there is much more detail in gardens etc… good for you, that you own some DLCs, there are some great building types.) and those colors are mesmerizing, nice job with lightning… my rainbow lightning is pure accident xD i was trying to capture colors from book… and after zooming out… well… hmm… ok… totally wanted this xD