Trainings Manual vs Healing droid

I think most get from the title what this is about but let me explain:
Healing droide and Trainings manual both increase your ability to get more xp for your agents. The manual directly, the healing droide through less exhaust times/shorter ones.
Question is what is more effective?
Something I asked around on discord and would like to see if people here come up with there own reasoning adding to it.

From Discord:

I wondered what you guys think what is the better agent gear: Training manual or Healing Droid…one gives straight up mor xp, one lets you push the agent through more missions before they go red (which means less downtime if trained 24/7)

I do not log in to train 24/7, so I would say Training Manual
plus, it gives a specific increased value
the healing droid doens’t say how much it reduces fatigue

According to the spreadsheet I have, it’s 10-20-30-40-50 % (from standard to legendary) for healing drone
I’d say it depends on how much time it takes to get from 0% fatigue to injured and the time it is left injured.

I think I’ve got a green healing droid, will have to try it out again and pay attention to the numbers

Let me think…with the a legendary healing droid doubles the time until you get fatigue…a trainingsmanuel gives 25% plus on legendary.
So up to the normal fatigue time you would get:
100% xp
125% with training manuel
Between the normal fatigue and the extended from healing droid it gets wonky
another 100% for the healing droid
and normal 100%X1,25 for the time minus the exhaust time
So healingdroid gives you 200% of normal income until fatigue and training manual gives 125%x(uptime(in percent)/100)
put that into a mathematical formula for the point where manual and droid should be equal and:
200=125 X (uptime/100)
Uptime=(200 X 100)/125=160…minus the inital…I think I forgot a divided by two (since we calculate for two cycles of fatigue so 100% uptime plus 60% after that or in average:) so 80%…you have to have an uptime of 80% or more so that manual becomes better than healing droid.
Tell me if I did something wrong…

Math makes my brain meats hurts.

Math i hard at this late time, but I think you got it right
is* hard. Writing is too apparently(bearbeitet)

uptime is… amount of time an agent is actively on a mission?

Amount an agent is not exhausted aka actively running missions
For the sake of simplicity I assumed you have your agents running missions all the time. You can always calculate how it works with less active missionrunning time based of that

because the math may work in the longer run (still parsing, it’s late ) but there is also the caveat that the healing droid would only start to “give more xp” once you hit fatigue
so at low values of uptime, the training manual is resulting in more xp up until you hit fatigue on an agent (or would without the healing drone)
otherwise I think that’s right

That’s a diffrent uptime…here it’S just how much percent of your agents time he isn’t exhausted.
But you are right…if you don’t have them running 24/7 it moves the math in favor of manual. The reverse is true if you run higher missions where you don’t have 100% (since at least that is what I heard that you get more fatigue if you fail a mission)
I suspect the droid is better for running 24/7, rushing leveling with as high as possible missions/always picking the same one and the manual is the more casual best when you change a lot of agents or don’t have them active all the time.
Both are not bad choices.

yep, based on what you wrote above I would agree with all of that
that is assuming the 10/20/30 etc. for the healing drone is accurate, but those values seem reasonable

I’d say it also depend on how many agents you are leveling. If you only have a few agents then the Healing Drone is worth a lot more, than it would be, if you had many. With enough agents, a few of them passing out isn’t gonna stop your progress of the entire group.

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If we’re making this comparison for powerleveling a single agent, you would need to add stat boosters to the mix. Opens up higher tier missions and increases your success chance. Say, if you were normally going to run a 1000 xp tier 2 mission with a Manual, you could also consider running a 1440 xp tier 4 mission with a stat booster.

The random nature of the agent mission board makes it very difficult to say one item is better than the other. Ideally you would have one of each item and swap according to the situation.

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