Treasure coffer value balancing not thought through

Everybody is chasing for heroic treasures, competeing against other players overrunning, New Asagarth, Mounds and Galleon for 450 points, while a stack of 100 goldbars gives you 3000. Means you can simply stop hunting treasures and just chuck gold bars into your coffer.
Who the hell did the maths on that and made the new content less efficient than ignoring it?

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One does not know the reason why they do this if they do not know the reason why they did it

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Let us sprint too. I had to carry a Derketo cat all the way to the jungle to the mounds. Was that fun? No. It’s making me feel like i’m playing death Stranding again.

And what are you going to do when players mug you? or they intro small bands of roaming raiders?

Could be in my situation, nice little island base, now I have to build a TOS violating bridge.

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I noticed this as well, been playing so long i had tons of gold and stuff, made 2 piles of treasure and put like 100+ gold bars in the chest then saw the total value score and was shocked , over 3000! ( vegeta meme here) and i remember when i watched Pixelcaves’s little treasure demo vid, and he had a ton of stuff in his treasure room, and his was like at 3000 too and i got confused real quick, cause i could probably hit something like 10k+ score just by putting the rest of the gold i have in there if i wanted to. Also we dont even know the purge strength thresholds yet, like is 3k high? i dont know, 3 months is a long time to gather riches, could probably hit a score of 100k in that time, but what does that mean, will i have to scramble to remove a ton of treasure to lower my score so i dont get raided by just overworld bosses cause my score is astronomical?

Since pvp got harvest x4 raiding feels unsatisfying.
Loot feels worthless, its the fighting it self that was fun for me until now that stamina changed.
Now I wonder, with treasure.
If I raid someone and want to steal their treasure, do I have to carry these statues out one by one to my base?

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Risk vs reward? But i’m on a PVE-C server. And i’m probably the better pvp player on the server. So i’m not really worried about randoms mugging me. And if they did bring it. All part of the game anyhow.


If you stack goldbars into the 100 slots of the coffer you get 3 Million in value, wonder what purge that would trigger. Anyway it isn’t worth the hassle of competing agains others getting a treasur worth 450, if you get the same value with 15 Gold bars.
Somebody didn’t think that through, on our server, the volcano doesn’t have obsidian anymore, as it is swarming with people farming for gold

I think one problem with balancing is that currently Heroic treasures seem much easier to acquire than “small” treasures. Perhaps because you know where the heroic treasures are and they spawn in the world, instead of being a % loot drop.

But it doesnt help that heroic treasures are bugged and keep vanishing from my base :person_facepalming:

I disagree. The 4X modifier allows people to “bounce back” faster after being raided. I think its better this way, because people might actually be more willing to participate in pvp now instead of being paranoid. I know I am.

They dont vanish, they sink into the foundations. I thought the same and found them when i removed the foundation they were on

Yep, though in my case one dropped through floor (ceiling) and down into water where it disappeared or dropped through map. Vexing - but then just need to go ransack the barbarians again! bonus! :slight_smile:

I am fairly certain they do. There was a “basement” below the area where I put them, and solid ground under that. There is very little place for them to sink to without me noticing.

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