TSW (Legacy) Unable to add a new payment option

Hello everyone. From the page register-thesecretworld-com I attempted to update my credit card as it expires soon. I removed my old payment method but after clicking on ‘Manage Payment Options’ > ‘Add new Payment Option’ there is no field anymore to fill. The page looks broken. Am I alone in this situation?

It shows up for me on Chrome v115.

I tested with Chrome. Same issue. I have the button ‘Register New Payment Option’ at the top of page but no form.
Can you add a screenshot of the page you have just after clicking on ‘Add new Payment Option’?

It shows a form like you’d expect. Something else is going on on your end. Have you tried other browsers?

Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, nothing works. And all extensions like AdBlock have been disabled :confused:

Hinata, check if your account is frozen or not - main page after you log in.
It seems Funcom automatically freezes accounts when you update your details, your payment options or change your membership status. I heard also some people have issues when they buy a digital copy of The Park - their payment is approved but they receive no mail with all necessary instructions to download the game. It is possible this page no longer works correctly.
I opened a petition in game as I am facing the same issue - unable to reactivate my account, loss of my lifetime member status benefits. You should do the same.