TSWDB: Mission Guides, Lore, and More!

TSW Database, or TSWDB, is an enormous collection of walkthroughs and guides for Secret World Legends and The Secret World! Going on four years and counting, TSWDB has provided the community with quality guides. From investigations to seasonal events and even lore and legend lists and locations, TSWDB is here to help!

Our mission guides include step-by-step instructions of every tier and objective, complete with pictures. For those who want to solve an intense Investigation Mission on your own, you need not fret about being spoiled – puzzle solutions are hidden by default! If you need a little help, hints are there to push you along.

With the Secret World’s relaunch as Secret World Legends, TSWDB continues to provide guides and aid to those who want it.

TSWDB is being persistently updated for SWL. All TSW and SWL information remains separate, and we will continue updating TSWDB all the while. We already have guides available at launch for Secret World Legends, and will continue to provide guides for every mission in the game.

All content for The Secret World found in TSWDB can be found at TSWDB Legacy!

Please be aware that we are still working to bring updated content and as such some guides are not yet available at this time; however, The TSW counterparts for most missions should be adequate to solve any missing missions, as investigations in particular received very few changes. See the Legacy TSWDB for any guide or piece of content not yet on the SWL TSWDB!

We’re working hard to get everything up-to-date!


Sanctuary chat is a persistent presence in The Secret World and Secret World Legends, where players can ask questions, help others, and provide a welcoming environment for all. Enter the chat command /chat join Sanctuary in either Secret World game should you ever be in need of help from others!


All of the love to TSWDB and Sanctuary chat. Will vouch for them being ridiculously helpful resources as you find your way around the game. And also for longtme players!


How many contributors does TSWDB have these days? I hesitate to ask how many “active” contributors there are, because that answer seems to be somewhere between 0 and 1, sadly.

TSWDB now has an Agent Network section! Agent Dossiers are being listed and updated as they become known, Agent Gear is available to peruse, and Agent Missions are also being added!


Excellent job, as always! I’m glad to help support and contribute to the Database! <3


Great work, thx a lot for this.

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Forums are telling me you can’t receive PMs @Vomher, so I don’t know where else to send you this.

Noticed you’re missing base stats for this guy:

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Strange that it says that, since I have messages enabled as far as I know!!

Thank you for his missing stats, @ASecretToEveryone. They’ve been added! :smiley:

Thank you so much everyone for your support. :purple_heart:


All Dawn of the Morninglight Legend Lists are now available on TSWDB! They can be found in the ‘All Legends’ section or in the section specific to New Dawn itself!



Happy Secret World Legends Anniversary!

The Anniversary event guide is now available. It will be continually updated to better account for all new information about the Anniversary as the event continues! Enjoy the festivities!


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Thank you for putting so much time in things like this ! I regularly link to the awesome lore/legends and other guides on tswdb !
Your nomination for the 2018 Gatekeeper awards is not a surprise!


@Vomher Hey Vomher! It was confirmed today that this part isn’t true. I don’t know if it’s changed, but we had two going in two separate instances and because the portal didn’t open, one of those people had to go to the 10/11 instance to open it. They definitely had all 11 in two instances.

Hey, @Anaelurec! It looks like that particular paragraph of the Anniversary Event Guide was using older text from early 2018 when the event had just begun - it forgot the updated text I gave it that same year, it seems. The Gatekeeper’s specific mission guide has had the correct text this entire time, at least. I’m so very sorry for the confusion! It’s been fixed!

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