Two Patches happened Since Update 2.1

Can we please get Patch notes when Hotfixes go live, There has been 2 patches that happened since Patch 2.1 and I see no-where listed as to what was changed/added/fixed. I’m sure there is a large number of players who actually want to know what changed, thanks!


Totally agree. Also very frustrating for server owners having to guess update needed simply because server not available - therefore must be because patch available.

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Thanks for this btw, I see these patch notes were buried in comments under the 2.1 Patch Thread…I was under the impression a New Thread would be created each Hotfix like they have done in the past, not make us go thru pages finding them buried in another thread.


I usually keep Ignasis and other relevant profiles in a folder on my bookmarks so I find relevant posts faster. That would be a suggestion if you want to be up to date directly instead of having to crawl over secondhand hearsay. lol

I’m looked before on this forum for like a Dev tracker or ways to see what Devs post all in one page, but couldn’t figure it out on this forum, so kind of gave up, but I’ll give it another go.

With that though I wish Communication was better than it is now between Devs/Players. Generally what I see is “Issues” have been relayed to the Dev team and that’s the last we hear about it, some things like Maelstrom Bosses being dragged all over the map Players want to know if it’s Intended or not. If Intended than I would spend the time to reinforce my base to try and protect against it, if Not I’ll wait for patch.

Unofficial but does the job (you’ll see a decent amount of stuff unrelated to Conan, like Nataschas twitter. At least she has a cute cat heh heh. Though you can always filter out Twitter posts too).

It also only goes back so far, so you can’t scroll through every dev comment dating back a week ago or whatever. But it works.

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Not all people like discord, but the two discord servers that I know of with officials from the publisher are the main sorce of info I get.

I often go there to get the list of files that change in the Devkit or the changes in servers, for example, which are not explicitly mentioned in the posts themselves.

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Hey there,

Both patches were emergency hotfixes with a single line in the changelog. They were added to the patch thread of update 2.1 since there was no version change. Once we release 2.1.1 there will be a new patch note thread.

Vodi always posts them to Steam too, in the workshop page discussion.

So, knocking out thralls (both Siptah an CE) is now safe and doesn’t crash you PC?

Hi, could you please share the discord servers links? If it’s allowed

From this one, you have in that server the link for the other one.

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