Unable to access auction nor mail in game

Hi as title says, I currently cant access auction nor mail in game after i changed my account to steam. Help would be nice, or maybe solving this issue?
Ryu Black aka Riiu

edit: Crap I am troll wrong game - bug is in SWL

Have you opened an in-game petition yet? If not please paste this URL in when you do.

Hello Sir, Have you tried turning it off and back on ?

Trolling aside: if you are using the keyboard shortcut “H” check a few things

  • in your settings > controls > is the “h” key assigned to Auction House?
  • is there another program overriding “H”?

You may want t try a different aproach : open the AuctionHouse/Postal Service byt clicking in the upright left Corner the menu, and select it from the list.

I’m assuming that the name you left at the bottom is your character name. I checked “Riiu” but did not find the usual problems that cause this issue. Can you make a petition so that we can investigate this further? You can make a petition using the /petition command in the chat window.

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