Unable to flag @Catbot in tutorial

This is a forum bug, not a game bug, but I didn’t see a place for strictly forum related bugs.

I figured I would try out the forum tutorial by messaging @Catbot with “start new user”

Everything worked fine, until I got to the step where I have to flag Catbot’s post. I flagged it as inappropriate as recommended. The only flagging option available is to send a private message to the bot. After flagging and sending the message, though, it appears to not count as flagging for tutorial purposes, as the bot tells me:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @CatBot display help.

That part of the tutorial doesn’t really work. Just send “skip” (without the quotation marks), that should get you to the next step.

Thanks, I just got the message asking if I wanted to skip.

Still, it would be best if either Catbot could recognize that the post counts as flagged when it gets flagged with the private message, or to change the options so it can get properly flagged.

edit: Now that I look back to the original post I see the instructions to skip there as well.

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