Unable to place fence-foundation on foundations build i water

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

I have build base in water. Build foundation from bottom of lake, and up to over waterlevel. When trying to place fence-foundation, i get a “not enough contact with ground”.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build foundation from buttom of lake, and up to over waterlevel.
    2.Try placing fence-foundation.

I generally found there is an issue with fence foundations snapping to anything after the big patch. I used to be able to snap fence foundations to square foundations like a skin, or build up or down from ceiling tiles, same with fences. I would like to know if they nerfed fence foundations and fences on purpose or if its actually a bug!

My Old Village structure before major Patch, see how the fence foundation is in between the floors, that was sandstone foundation and ceiling tile, with a fence foundation skirting the sandstone foundation to blend. You can’t do this anymore…

Fence foundations have to connect to the ground, as in the bottom of the lake.

You have to start building it when you can still see the most bottom foundation so you can place the fence foundation on it and build your way up to your base.

I used pillars for my overwater base instead, but filled in every tile to get as much stability as possible throughout the entire structure.

Thank you - I’ll try that out. Hope it works :wink:

Ok, it’s actually possible to mount fence-foundations on foundations underwater. But as soon as I’m over, it wont snap, and says “not enough contact with ground”. Even though it’s foundations stacked ontop of eachother.

I know it’s possible as I’ve done it underwater. In some places the ground appears higher than the actual bottom so if you’ve placed foundations under the mesh those will need to be the ones that you start the fence foundation on.

There is still a bug with Khitan Foundations not stacking.