Unable to start purges after update

Before AoW 3 I had no issues whatsoever doing purges whenever I wanted, but since the update I can’t start a single one. Every time I try I get the following message:

There is no reachable location for the purge to setup their base camp

I am playing on Isle of Siptah and the only change I made to my base is adding a second gate in the hopes that would somehow fix the issue. It didn’t.

EDIT: Added a few pics of my base. First one is the gate entrance. Second is my treasure room. And the third is the area where purge camps always spawned prior to chapter 3. I’ve tried everything I can think of including removing the gate doors and purges still will not start.

EDIT 2: After further trying, the only way I was able to get a purge to start was to place the coffer out in the open with no protection whatsoever. If I put it in any structure even without a door the purge fails every single time.

EDIT 3: After further messing around I am now getting a message saying it’s too difficult to reach coffer from outside of base. It’s literally a straight shot!

The purge still works on my bases.

Sometimes, decorations can block the purge’s path, even though they don’t seem to. I once added a chair or something near the treasurer, and that broke the purge path. Removed it (after testing many other things…), and all was fine again.

Maybe there’s a new item you added that shouldn’t, but does stop the pruge?

I have not added any new items to the treasure room since the update and the current configuration worked fine prior to chapter 3. I will say that I was using the stygian coffer before and always got the message the purge could not set up base. I switched to the clan coffer and now I’m getting the too difficult to reach message.

Weird. Maybe move the coffer a little bit?

Or maybe it re-calculated something after switching out the treasurer.

Weird either way.

Yeah, it’s really weird. The only way I can start a purge without issue is to put the coffer outside of any structure. Otherwise, I get one failed message after another. I even removed the gate into my base as well as the one into the treasure room and the purge still failed. I don’t get it at all.

Do you think it could be the trees blocking the spawns? or was that never an issue before?

Trees were never an issue before. Prior to chapter 3 I was doing Tier 10 purges and the camps would spawn in between that group of trees or just beyond them and the enemies would run around the trees and along the wall to the gate. My coffer was also in a building with 2 foundation thick walls and I never once had a purge fail.

EDIT: I did move the location of my treasure room and the walls are only 1 foundation thick. With walls up, I cannot start a purge, but if I remove the walls I can. purges also fail even if i switch foundation walls for actual wall pieces.

I started thinking they might’ve changed how much room purge camps need to properly spawn so I tore down and moved back a huge chunk of one corner of my wall. That seemed to have done the trick. First successful purge and the camp literally spawned ten steps from my gate where they could’ve spawned before rearranging my wall. I’ve managed to do several more without issue so fingers crossed it stays that way.

EDIT: For reference; in the first image posted (base_1) I basically had to tear down the far right corner and rebuild it behind that large tree for the purge camps to spawn in.

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