Unexpected Purge attack

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US

I logged in at night to do random things and while I was wandering around my main base I noticed several naked corpses outside my base walls. I didnt understand what was happening until a wave of naked NPCs appeared and attacked me, it was a Purge attack but I was not expecting any attacks considering my low Purge meter.

My last Purge have been months ago, before the meters broke and several people couldnt build up their meters anymore. Since this incident my Purge meter slowly depleted until it was zero and remained like this forever. Some recent changes supposedly fixed it, but I have barely been active these days, and my Purge meter build just a hair.

When I was attacked last night, I had no visual warning (I logged in in the middle of the Purge, but should still have some kind of map pointer?), No sound between waves, no text warning, nothing. Something else caught my attention was the kind of enemies attacking me, naked exiles… lol, but some even had fire orbs. My base is somewhere near the Pirate Ship and I have never seen this kind of Purge before. I have been attacked by spiders and locust in the past and only heard of naked NPCs throwing orbs in the far north.

At the end I got no warnings to tell me the Purge was over, I could only know when I was allowed to build again. So it was all a real strange experience.


i know, the naked guys in purge are still a thing.

Also experimented these when i had a base around there, but mostly all human purge, if they happen, are naked guys. They have weapons, fire-orbs or whatever, but don’t know about clothes or even armors it seems. :wink:


lol yeah, I guess they know alchemy but not tailoring! :rofl:

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It could be that the purge was triggered by another clan, and your base was in their path from the spawn point to the “intended” target. I’ve seen this happen a few times when purges spawn on me and attack my neighbors and vice versa. If it wasn’t your purge, then that could explain why your purge meter was low, and you didn’t get warnings.

Also, on the no armor topic. I’m bloody glad this is the way it is. I got 7 waves of Lost Tribe (Cimmerian) attacking my fish traps west of Godsclaw yesterday. Each wave was around 10 NPCs. Myself and Dalinsia Snowhunter in Flawless heavy managed to beat them off eventually. I died once and sadly Ms. Snowhunter perished too. It was a brutal fight, one of the best purges I’ve ever had to be honest! Glad they didn’t have armor though :slight_smile:


lol my neighbor was in panic, yes the Purge also attacked his tiny house and wrecked it. He died a couple times and it was hard support him retrieve his body, I couldnt tell friend or foe, they were all running naked in the battlefield! :joy:

At first I thought about this possibility, but then I realized I could not build anything through the attack, thats something expected to happen when a player is under Purge attack.

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Interesting. Maybe the build restrictions are tied to proximity to purge attackers, and not to being the target of the purge? I don’t know how the build restrictions are designed.

It would be easy to test if you can kite a purge attacker into someone’s base and see if they can build near it. I’m sure you’re not going to rush out to do this, but it’s an interesting thought experiment anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Good times though, right?

Purges are gifts from Crom. Last purge we got 2 named taskmasters, both naked.
To bad they were not girls.

Off to the island of misfit they go.

The last two nights this has happened to me. Last night NO screen pop or warhorn sound. Tonight not one either until I killed them, then it said the purge was defeated… I sorta need a damn purge warning folks.

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Tonight we had two purges, one netted named,their a spider boss key.
The sad part is, our palace sits way up high on a plateau.
Out neighbor’s at the base of our cliff. Half the spiders ripped their walls down.
We spent more time defending their place.
Now we are having fun

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Hey there,

Sorry to ruin the voyeuristic fun, but we issued a fix on our testlive patch that aims to fix the exhibitionist tendencies of Purge NPCs!

The Purge should now happen more reliably and Purge enemies should no longer be naked. The Purge meter should fill as intended. You should also reliably be able to knock out NPCs and not halt the Purge in its tracks.

You can also see what other changes are included in our patch thread :slight_smile:

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I’m all for seeing the pretty ladies in this game, but it was a bit creepy having a nudist colony attack me. I also felt a bit guilty cutting them down with no armor for protection.

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