Unexplained death

Has anyone else had the issue of logging out indoors on an official pve server and loged in with all gear and loot lost. Would love to know how FUNCOM handels a FUBAR/SNAFU.
And just for the record there was no death. Lost of all happened just after server restart.
Have screen shots to back it up

Sounds like a bit of an unsolved mystery to me…
(And a segment from it too!)

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Funcom will ask if you can give any more information. Such as:
What type of item was it? (Trying to determine if it had an expiry time on it like a rocknose egg or yellow lotus potion.)
What does the event log say?
Has it happened more than once ?
Has it happened more than once in the same location? If yes, what kind of building was it? Did you log out on a particular placeable (Eg bed, carpet)?
Exact co-ordinates ingame … which you can get by holding down the following buttons: Ctrl Alt Shift L (this will switch you to a view with the co-ordinates and prompt the use of Ctrl C to copy them. You need to press the same combination of keys to exit this view…warning you can’t usually fight when in this view so make sure you are safe.)

But not much more than trying to get enough information so their bug team can reproduce it so they can examine what code is causing the error

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Since you ask, I can honestly say no, Iv’e never had that happen in the short time Iv’e played CE.

Odd that this would just happen to me…lol. I JUST had this happen, right before server restart 2 days ago. I think I jinxed myself…

I have had the exact same situation several months ago…

  • No info in event log except that my loot had decayed and my death was shortly after server reset
  • Logged out in the same place I always do, in the middle of the floor away from carpet, bed and other stuff

In my situation it has only happened that 1 time, but losing legendary weapons, epic armor and lots of other good stuff was a bit of a bummer, best advice is to strip yourself before logging out and put everything in a chest that is isn’t close to other objects since the decay system is a bit faulty at times.

  1. use the sleep emote before logging and make sure you are not clipping through walls. People, gas and sandstorms can kill ya if you are slipped out. They can also steal your stuff. Sleep emote lets you check how you will log out.

  2. put the good stuff in a chest by your bed. Get dressed when you login.

  3. if you are confident that you are not clipping through just got to bed with a sand storm mask on.

  4. avoid windows unless they are three walls high. Or if you want windows sleep with the mask on.

  5. if you cant make a mask dont make windows. They reduce cover in your house so you still take damage.

  6. make sure your building and placeables mitigate the temeperature that you live in. Windows remove cover and almost make a blank space where a wall would be letting temp changes in. Again 2 high straight walls and windows on the third row mititgates this. Unless you are sleeping on your cieling or climing the walls.

Lastly. I have recently built my bed in my bedroom under a pirate skiff or tent thing from the Galleon. 100% protection. Looks awesome. I add some silkmscreens around to prevent myself from clipping out of the walls. In case I’m drunk or something.

That’s what I do now.


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I would not recommend that on PvP servers, you can be shot by arrows.

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