"Uninvited guest" body

Can I do anything with the body of the “uninvited guest” left in my house (PVE official)?

They say you can “push it out” with some placeable but I haven’t tried this.

It will disappear in a number of days or drag a creature over and stand on the body the uninvited guest will take damage till he/she dies

Ah nice to know. we also have an problem with an “uninvited guest” in PvE. he was trying to sneak some stuff

How? Did I missed introduction of Sneak and Lockpick skills in Conan?

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At the time I was building my house, he came and just logged off :slight_smile:

During early access when you could take things from chests and such on PVE I went into my house and logged out knowing that the door would shut behind me. Went and had lunch, came back to find a body. Apparently someone had followed me in through the open door and gotten trapped when it shut. What made it hilarious was the chat box…
“Xath!” “XATH!!! I’m stuck!” :rofl:

But you can build them into a box. When they next sign in they will find themselves trapped in a room with no exit.

This, by the way, is how I personally learned why you should not log out on some other persons base.

Give that poor lady a blanket and a pillow :smiley:

4 windowed walls and a roof tile later you have your first cage till the character dies in PVE. :slight_smile:

Just saying it worked for me.

In the early days during beta it was common on one server I played on for people sleeping in the wild to find themselves boxed in when they relogged. - especially in areas where the land was going to be in contention for settlement.

Yesterday I tried many methods of killing: orbs (gas, fire), “wild” thrals, wild animals, backpack.
In summary: an unconscious player is immortal and cannot be moved. Physics does not exist (after removing the foundations it does not fall down). Disappointing.

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