Unknown build limit?

Not forever that is not true at all.

You had to fall back from a good defensive position is all.

Now that you have fallen back having forced them to expend resources repairing, you wait for them later to farm for more and prevent that as much as you can by killing them while they are outside the base. If they are dead they drop their stuff and you take it away. This is also part of seiging which is what you are doing if you are attacking someone’s base. You are starving them out of resources and forcing them out of their base to gather more.

Who ever said that you should always be able to break a well built base in one or two raids ??

Unfortunately we don’t know how simple it really would be on Funcom’s side to fix.

Prevention often times is better than cure , so if you can’t do it it can’t be done. I wonder what it would take to make it so that you can retain the ability to make the beatiful things while removing the protential for abuse ? What are the numbers so to speak needed for this fix ?

Also, back to the issue of stacking , how many stacks are abuse exactly , the actual number specifically ?

You know that’s a nonsensical question, right? I mean, if it wasn’t someone like you, someone who hasn’t spent as long on these forums as you have, someone who hasn’t been in so many of these discussions, I would cut them some slack, but you should know better by now.

If we’re talking about performance concerns, it’s not a flat number and it never will be. And I have no intention or desire to repeat the whole explanation why yet again, for someone’s amusement.

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This rightt here. What stops a player from putting “normal” looking wall and then layering the inside with fence stacks? If the admins are only going on reports, then one could coat thier exploit in a way to not show it.

If it takes all of Raid to get into your outer wall, and by the time I’m up to your fenceline your domicile looks like a 99-layer lasagna, that’s a paddlin’. Signed, sealed and video-ed.


What would stop me, if I played on PVP, was the possibility of getting banned because someone went to attack my base, breached the normal wall, saw the stacks, took screenshots, and then reported me.

The admins are “only going on reports” in the sense that if you don’t get reported, they might not investigate, not that they won’t investigate if you get reported. Granted, if you get reported without evidence that indicates rule-breaking, they might choose to ignore that report, but do you really want to bet your access to official servers on that particular “maybe”?


So then technically because the rules dont say “Dont fence stack”, as long as a person doesnt degrade server performace, you can do it. Perfect. Heres an exploit, but its only and exploit if you take it too far. Doing it a little, or to build something nice is ok.

Duping 10,000 bombs is exploiting, but maybe just 100 is ok.

Sorry, if its an exploit, doing it a little or alot is wrong.

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Again, does this mean that you can exploit a little and its ok, but to do it to extremes is crossing the line?

Can I say duping 10,000 bombs is exploiting but only duping 100 is ok? Its just a little bit, right?

Yes they can. And when people on those servers have rules to follow that are in place due to bad coding, the only logical thing is to work on fixing the coding so that exploit cant be done.

Youre arguing to leave it broken because it might affect non offical players if its fixed. By the way, Im sure a mod could be made to fix anything that might get broken. The joys of non officials!

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I won an award for a painting I made, and now we can craft that painting in the game. I used now-illegal techniques to create the forced-perspective in the shot. This gives it a parallax view when you look at it from different directions. I get where you’re coming from.

I agree that it doeant always have to be a 1 or 2 night raid, however now that excessive fence stacking is a ToS enforced violation its going to be much easier to raid bases. Ive seen some pretty aggregious builds over the last 2 years and broken into all of them, even when gods were disabled and that usually reulted in much longer periods of raid attempts. Now that gods are back, fence stacking and landclaim spam are frowned upon it will be incredibly easy to raid bases, especially against people who arent as good at fighting as more experienced fighters. I cant say i have an exact solution as to how to fix this, im totally fine not foundation spammimg and fence stacking, i welcome challengers to try to attack my bases, i love to figure out how to build better, and i have. I rebuilt my base after the dev wipe and im much happier with it. Funcom can enforce the ToS all they want im not on the forums to cry about it, i just want to make sure if the trolls come back im not going to get dev wiped again and perma banned even though i believe im well within the guidlines. Ive not used a single fence stack, utilized any foundation spam to prevent trebuchets, and we only have one area, the great dam/ keyhole/tower built upon. Full clan of 10 members and 18.5k pieces. That icludes a few map rooms around the map and a wheelhouse. Is 18.5k too much? I do t believe so, ive seen far more than that nkt get touched, ive also had a freind get dev wiped for 8000 pieces and she “claims” she followed ToS guidlines, i can only take her word for that.
Point is, whats too much at this point? Ive built an easily defendable and secure base within the criteria of not exploiting abusive build styles using drawbridges to surround my base to block trebuchets. Am i going to be dev wiped over it? I dunno, ive followed all of the guidlines i can as far as i know, except i dont know how much build pieces are acceptable around the great dam, it literally requires a decent amount of build pieces.
Are we going to be punished for building more map rooms near the obs? We use to have public map rooms at EVERY ob for EVERYONE, not blocking them in any way nore any major resource. How many build pieces are acceptable for a clan of 10 on a low pop server ? I could get wiped for following ToS where as a solo player could fence stack 5-10 deep using umder 100 pieces and thatd be considered okay just because its less server intensive? Okay cool, makes sense, seems fair … although heres what the ToS says:

-Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

-Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience through reduced server or game performance.

Is fence stacking an abuse of game mechanics?
Seems more like big builds that arent built with any exploits are still more danger of being in vioaltion. Some sort of in game indicator to warn players the build is in the red would be nice, i think Ark has / had somethjng lime that but its been a while since i played that.
I play on a series x so just because it doesnt affect me doesnt mean it doesnt affect the server.

Like Codemage said, because this number is undefinable that should translate to being impossible to abuse. If you cant say for certain what number is ok, then there is no way to give a number of what might translate to abuse.

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If you want to bet on that, and if you also want to bet on whether Funcom considers fence stacking to be an unfair advantage over other players, then sure, go ahead.

I mean, you’re not only ignoring the very explicit wording of the rule, you’re also pretending like I care if you guys get banned for stacking. I don’t. I care for having the freedom to build without half-assed band-aids, like a building cap or the removal of advanced building techniques. As long as that’s off the table, you guys can keep pretending you don’t understand the rules and then complain here when you get banned.

If, on the other hand, you want Funcom to provide us with tools we need to have fun while we play and avoid bans due to things we can’t reason about right now, then I’m with you.

The definition of an exploit, according to Funcom, the guys who set the rules for their servers, is up there. If you disagree with it and expect to be allowed to play on their server, that’s your own choice.

No, it means that it’s not an exploit unless you do it in a certain way and to certain extremes. I mean, it’s there in the rules, and it’s spelled out explicitly.

No, what I said is that there isn’t one flat number and there can’t be. We need something that measures the impact. If Funcom even has that something, they should give us the access to it. But do go on trying to put words in my mouth, I have nothing better to do in my whole life than keep fighting your dishonesty :roll_eyes:


This is correct, it shouldnt be there in the first place. Just because everyone got use to it being there doesnt mean it was ever intended in the first place. If it got removed big deal, get use to it, just like pvpers have to. Its different than placing torches side by sixe, are they both able to be abused? Yes, however, fence stacking requires trickery of building assets to achieve, thus its obviously not designed to naturally. Torche spam requires no such trickery to achieve.

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Unfortunately they are going to get building caps imposed, and ironically they’re going to be the first and loudest to complain when it happens.

When all that could be avoided by not building like dicks and not trying to find loopholes. The time they spent arguing about this could have been spent modifying their buildings to be compliant. But the main issue and you already know this, is that they don’t really care about getting banned. They want to be self-righteous. They actually look forward to a ban because it fuels a stupid ego.

They want to go ‘hahaha funcom dumb’ and feel vindicated for it more than actually enjoying the game. And that crap needs to be removed from the forums. Let them keep that garbage on reddit or other craphole of the internet.


Normally, I would either quietly disagree or even flag that, @Taemien. But this has been going on for so long, and with a specific small group of people, that I can’t help but agree. The kind of effort that goes into this kind of deliberate misinterpretation of every argument is downright toxic.


I’ll tell you my honest opinion on the subject. Do I want building caps? From a server admin or owner point of view. Absolutely. Its a great tool for us. Do I believe people like you ought to be limited, no. I don’t. So here’s hoping that it isn’t enabled on the types of servers you play on.

It won’t be, because I’ll stop playing on the servers where they enable it.

Hmmm not it at all really. Those accusations are just as toxic and detrimental as anything else. Im not trying to affect PvEers experience. It has nothing to do with ego. I want to make sure that Funcom is NOT going to destroy any more of my time investment for a specific guideline i belive that i have not violated.

-Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

Im not psychic, how am i suppose to know what qualifies “massive”? The “massive” bases ive had the displeasure of raiding are not the “massive” bases that i personally build. This is a subjective guideline and is NOT clear cut and infalible as some of you here are proclaiming. I run on a series x, just because the game is smooth for me doesnt mean it going to be for a base x box. The only way for players to tell server performance is throufh rubber banding and stuttering for thw most part, and thats on the extreme side. Funcom could claim ANY base is causing a server issue and the players have no way to know.
If im breaking the rules i accept the dev wipe, as i have, humbly. Now going forward id like to make SURE that i can stay within all the guidelines, but we need either a better underatanding of what terms like “massive” constitutes, better rules on officials, or funcom needs to adress these issues through game design by making players unable to abuse game mechanics.


Yes that is the issue with me as well. It was easy when I had the PS4 to know where the issues were going to be. Ride by the base on a horse and stuttering lag? Yep, they will be deleted. But the same basic premise should be simply this…keep others in mind when playing in a public sandbox. Don’t want to? Then buy your own sandbox and take all the sand you want. they have given us some tools (placeables and foundations in the clan) to monitor our builds (not enough I fear though since I would like to see server drain as a metric on the clan board…not all placeables are equal as witchfire torches are significantly worse than chairs)


That’s a very good point. Next Gen does complicate a player’s assessment of “nuisance bases.”

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