Unknown build limit?

Somehow we saw different images. In the ones I saw the claim size was small and there were never more than about 8 ot 10 torches visible.


You know, you bring up a stupidly good point.

When you enter a retail/grocery store, or any other restaurant or any business in general. There is a distinct lack of posting of rules. In many cases it might simply be a posting of make sure you’re adequately dressed. For most fast food anyway.

But I can’t remember seeing any rules posted entering an O’Reily’s (just using this as an example since I got a battery there recently) for example. Just advertisement. But you know what? There is many implied behaviors that are expected of people in there.

For example, I would probably be asked to leave if I started disturbing other customers. There’s no posted rule on this. But I guarantee in any business or store, if you act a fool. You will be asked to leave. Sure you’re not breaking anything. Not hurting anyone. But making annoying noises, going into political speech no one asked for, or other similar nuisances will get you asked to leave.

Obviously illegal stuff like damaging property, making threats, and actually hurting someone is simply against the law and will get you arrested. We’re not talking about that. As illegal stuff on a server, private or official will get you arrested there too (don’t try us, we have appropriate law enforcement authorities on speed dial).

So the point here is why should the rules outline obvious behaviors that would get you escorted out of most physical establishments? If you go to the grocery store and take jars of pickles and arrange them on the floor in a political message. You’re getting banned from that store. I’m sure.

If you all think we need a rule about political messages in game. Please by all means try this in your local grocery store and film it, then post it to Youtube. Let’s see their reaction. If you do this and they let you get away with it. Then we’ll retract our points on being more clear on rules like that.

This is a great example brought up. Anything not appropriate in the grocery store is probably not appropriate in the game servers. Thank you.

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It’s a fairly terrible point, really. All your examples (messing with the running of a business) equate better with hacking or DDOS’ing the server.

For that matter, if Funcom thought it necessary to explicitly include this in the rules:
Offensive and defamatory chat and user created content of racial, sexual, hateful, illicit or of other nature. This extends to character names, guild names, in-game signs and so on.
Your whole “it’s implied” argument falls completely flat.

Finally, if I get escorted out of a store for being political (such as wearing a certain red hat), I would assume they’d at the very least tell that’s the reason - and if they did, I could either accept those rules, or never shop there again.
I would not expect to be told “aw man I don’t like you please leave” and then when asking why getting the answer “just because”.

Well ok let’s use that rule as an example.

Make racial, sexual, hateful, or otherwise defamatory remarks to a fellow customer in your local grocery store. Its not posted as against their rules I’m sure.

But you and I know they’ll ask you to leave. And depending on location, more forcefully than some.

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Again, you’re making my point for me, even though you don’t mean to: it’s explicitly part of the rules around here even though it’s (IMO) even more obvious that acting like that would not be acceptable behavior.

If that makes you feel better, then sure go with that line of thinking.

You would still be banned on officials for inappropriate implied behaviors. And I would support that. You may sit there looking at a ‘You are banned’ message knowing you minced words on a forum.

Good job. Good job.

I am going to leave this debate now, it has run far, far over its useful life and it’s clear from the increasingly contrived examples no-one is the least bit interested in changing their minds. I do not concede my core point, but I will stop arguing it.


You’re about a month late there :laughing:

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The irony is structures like that are built to garner a reaction. But when the reaction is not what they wanted, it’s the reactors issue, not the builders :confused:


I agree that it would be useful to add politics to that part of the rules. No argument against that on my part, whatsoever.

But I’m also not sympathetic to this particular argument about this particular ban, because it smacks of rules-lawyering. I know it wasn’t your intention, @Mikey, and that you were arguing in good faith, but I also know that someone who spells out a controversial politician’s name in huge letters in a videogame is doing that on purpose to bother others and that they would use your same argument, in bad faith, to argue their ban was unjust.

I mean, there’s one in that specific section of rules already (emphasis mine): “Offensive and defamatory chat and user created content of racial, sexual, hateful, illicit or of other nature.”

But again, there’s no harm in including politics in that rule.

@Barnes, you know I respect you a lot, so I’m hoping this won’t come across as insulting or unfriendly: I have no idea what your post was trying to say. Again, I’m not attacking you, I’m just confused. It happens to me sometimes with the way you word things, and that’s probably because English is not my native language, but usually I’m confused only about one particular part of the post. This time I can’t really make anything out.

FWIW, I don’t know whether the ban was because the dude spelled out “TRUMP” in huge sandstone letters (there, I said it), but I’m confident in my assumption that this was at least part of the reason why he was reported. And I don’t care if it’s Trump or Thatcher or Clinton or Milošević or Johnson or Vučić or Pinochet or Putin, just keep it the fuсk out of the game. It’s really that easy. The bar is so low, a Bambenga limbo dancer wouldn’t be able to squeeze beneath it.

Anyone who does shіt like this and gets banned will get no sympathy from me, because I’m bombarded with enough political crap outside the time I dedicate to enjoying videogames.


Funny thing around the way it affected me, was that he base deleted, the 2nd time it happened, already existed exactly in the way it was, when the first deletion and ban happened. I hadn’t made any changes to it and the ones that i built instead of the 2 deleted ones (smaller) were not deleted. So I am now, building much smaller and further away from the obis, but tbh I actually still don’t know where the building abuse did occur.
And that is the underlying problem, that it is not clear to the player when he is breaching those guidelines

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And that is exactly the point why people do not like too much rules in games. Because people do want their freedom while gaming. They have to deal with enough personal crap and stupid regulations all day, every day. They need to blow of steam to clear their heads from time to time. Rules in games never fix an existing technical problem, for example undermeshing. You actually have to adjust and improve the code, a rule is no fix that will stop people from using and abusing. And why should it? I play games to go wild and creative, have fun and get the daily problems out of my head not to turn gaming into a real life problem simulator. I spent money to have fun, not to deal with problems and rule boundaries. I do not have to be nice to people, I can be if I want to, but I do not need to. Its my freeking freetime. If I do not like someones building next to mine, I go get some bombs and have fun blowing his base into pieces. If I can´t do it alone I call my buddys to help me. Thats how it works. I do not have to be polite nor do I have to care about this guys feelings. Sounds harsh but it is true.

Nobody will ever go in CS:Go and apologize for shooting online characters in the head, its a f… shooter. Tomorrow at work I will sit at my desk and be nice, respectfull and polite, after that I go home and be with my family and be there for them and love them to pieces. But the minute i get at my computer I get freetime for myself. Polite my a… There are people that do not understand that freetime is different from work and regulare life. They expect people to behave respectfully and nice because they personally do so at all time. And do not understand why people in online games are not playing by any rules and regulations, so its fair to ban them away for every little thing they do that is considered as rude in rl. I see it a little differently. That ofc do not mean there are zero boundaries, that everything is allowed, please do not get me wrong. But to go and call some names in an online game is as normal as daily changing underwear. If you take that serious and you have no skin for it, than you should consider playing singleplayer games.

Years back we constantly got told in the news that playing shooter turns you into an terrorist. Only depraved individuals play that. By now we know, this is not true at all. And still today gaming has this stigmas that get put on peoples head. If they behave like scum ingame they must also do so in daily life. What a nonesense. I do know, you will encounter that kind of people from time to time. But its not the masses and you will get them the same in gaming and in real life. That is normal.

I can just repeat myself over and over again. If game devs want certain things not to happen in their games, they need to code it in. Do not come up with lazy unclear rules. that in the end people do not want to follow, therefor not follow or do not understand and lead to nothing other than making people leave to another game that provides more freedom and fun if they feel to incaged. That is how it is. People can talk here all day long how this and this rule could be explained better or stated clearer or whatever. But the actual problems with the game remain. You only have lesser and lesser people to play with until the game is dead. That is no solution. You can´t force people per rules, no matter how hard you try. And people remember. If they think they got robbed and bad threated or screwed over by a company, they will not buy into further products. End of story.

I don’t think that is true. While I got the ban, I was still able to write here and none of my posts were deleted, but then I tend to keep things civil


Exactly. Rules are there to solve people problems. You solve technical problems with tech, and people problems with people.

Even though we live in an era where we’re constantly being sold “smart” tech, it’s just marketing BS: tech is not smart. It can’t reason the way humans can, it can’t make a judgment call the way humans can, it can’t interpret human intentions. That’s why you need rules and then people to enforce them.

Spelling out “TRUMP” in sandstone is a perfect example of why you need rules.

First of all, I might be able to blow up someone’s base with bombs on a PVP server, but not on a PVE(-C) server. But that’s completely beside the point.

Your free time and my free time coexist on a public server. If you want to build swastikas, or shout the n-word in the chat, or spell out political crap in sandstone, then you can go to a private server where that’s welcome or do it in single-player or co-op. I don’t want to have to deal with your immature bullshіt in my free time, regardless of whether I can.

Yes, CS:GO is a shooter, and Conan Exiles is a “let’s see who can spell TRUMP in sandstone” game, I totally forgot about that. :roll_eyes:

Funny, because that works both ways: if the only way you can have fun is by trolling other people, then you should consider playing on other servers, or in single-player mode, or in co-op, or maybe play a different game.

It’s fascinating how the people who shout “if you don’t like it go away” the loudest are always those who defend the ugliest stuff out there.

Except this has nothing to do with that. This is about not pissing in the pool where we all swim. It’s really not a hard concept to understand…

…except that, apparently, some people still struggle with it:

No, it’s worse. If you wouldn’t paint a swastika* on your house in real life, but you would do it in a game, just because you’re anonymous and there are no consequences, then you’re not only scum for not understanding what’s wrong with painting a swastika, you’re also a coward who hides behind anonymity.

I wish you did, instead of coming with increasingly weirder hills to die on. It was more reasonable when you complained about Funcom massively banning innocent players left and right, rather than this “I can do whatever I want, fight me if you don’t like me, or play something else you coward” stuff.

Awesome! I wish it were like that, the way you describe it, to the degree you describe it.

Imagine if Funcom could actually alienate every idiot whose idea of fun was to spell political crap or build a swastika or run around with their voice chat on screaming the n-word, to the point that they never buy a single Funcom game in the future. Damn, that would make me buy all their upcoming games, regardless of quality.

* Before some troll steps up to explain the origins of the swastika symbol and how it used to symbolize something completely different: it doesn’t anymore. Deal with it.


I don’t believe this for even a second.

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That’s because many people on these forums don’t understand how flagging works, so you get the typical complaint about how “Funcom deletes my posts”, “Funcom censors my speech”, and stuff like that.

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Yep, ignorant people don’t read and think that it was created during WWII and not a symbol used by more than one religion before and after that. Not trolling if stating facts even if they are not popular ones.

And it still (swastika) still symbolizes the same idea that it always did before WWII that is not erased because someone wants to believe something different now. The ones who think that the swastika means Hilter or the ■■■■ party need to do their research before they believe something false again because it is popular. Sorry OP for the slight derail , but this could not stand unchallenged

But if your freedom in a game makes some else’s day bad, that is okay?


Heh, right on cue. I swear, there’s one in every crowd.

Yeah, yeah, you and I both know the origins and the history of the symbol, along with many other people out there. Aren’t we grand?

And yet, some of us understand that what happened in WWII was enough to associate this particular symbol with that particular party and what it stands for, and that this association will stand for a long, long time.

No, it doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t. I’m sorry you don’t like how society works. I’m sorry that the human race isn’t as enlightened as we would all like and we haven’t been able to move on. But to claim that the swastika still symbolizes divinity, prosperity, spirituality, or any number of things it used to symbolize is to willfully ignore the rest of its history.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing things – the more you know, the better. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with understanding things. But although we know that Hitler didn’t invent anti-semitism and understand how he came to think the way he did, none of that changes our judgment of him.

It is unfortunate that one man’s evil co-opted a beautiful symbol, just as it’s unfortunate that very few people will name their kid Adolf these days, because there’s nothing wrong with either the name itself, or the prior history of swastika. But that’s how humans are.

That’s true, there are people who state those facts without wishing to troll anyone. Most of the time, the trolls who build swastikas in-game will also defend their actions by pointing out the same things you did. The difference between you and them is that at least you weren’t malicious, just misguided.


I’d also argue it comes down to context. If you were on an Indian server, played primarily/exclusively by Indians, and you saw a swastika, it might be reasonable to take that as being intended to have its older meaning. But any server in the western hemisphere, the only reason someone has for doing that is to deliberately make the link. It’s the same as the fact that the word ‘trump’ can have multiple different meanings - someone could be a Christian referring to the ‘Last Trump’, they could be a card player obsessed with Bridge or Whist - but if anyone is building something right now that says ‘trump’ then they are doing so in full knowledge of exactly what point they are going to appear to be making.

Side note (to the side note…) - a British comedian actually started a campaign a few years back trying to ‘reclaim’ the toothbrush moustache for comedy - Chaplin had it first and then Hitler ruined it… Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t very successful.