Unknown build limit?

Sorry, but unfortually but it is pointless beyond this and I will speak of not further and derail further, but simply this you are gravely wrong on this and if you except this as fact there is little I can for you at this point.

Just because there is a large group of ignorant and misguided people who still want to believe falsehoods doen’t make the false a fact. Sorry, you are wrong about what the symbol means as are others who think it can be co -opted by some insane (not stupid granted, but insane none the less) jerk wtih power dreams with a group of likeminded crazys.

The symbol is still the same as it always was and you can personally as can others try to attach another meaning or ownership to if you want, but it will still be wrong now and forever. Simply put understand or not , justify it or not, it doesn’t change the fact of what the symbol means. The symbol’s meaning is the same it was before the madman tried to make it mean something it doesn’t. Don’t believe me?

Go talk to others who still use it and tell them it means something different, but don’t be upset if they tell you the same as I have. At least they didn’t let the madman(men) win and steal their beliefs nor tell them how to think.

I don´t know what is wrong with you but you should seek help my friend. I never said anything about swastikas in my post nor did I said its fine to spread hate. I infact stated, that there are boundaries to what freedom means. But I guess you just wanna read in peoples post what fits your weird arguments. I am not the one increasing hills to die on, you are. But you do you. Its alright.

And by the way, one thing if you start about giving history lessons. Adolf wasn´t german, he was Austrian. He made influential friends across serverall nations while he was imprisoned. Rich and powerful people that encouraged him and gave him money, even bought him a typewritter and made it possible to use it in prison so he could spread his hate out of this place straight into peoples heads. The prejudices and the hatred about jews in europe and also outside europe (for example russia) were already there, he just added the charisma, the last spark it needed to break hell loose. But reality is, he would have never become who he was without this help and money from all over the world and if people wouldn´t had already carried the hatred inside them. Coming from hugh unemployment rates, less education and more and more injustice and inner conflicts. The perfect coktail for a war. But I do not ever see American´s ever mentioning that if they talk about WWII. We did not invented war, suffering and cruelty, we just reached a new level, showed the world how unspeakable terrible it can become if people loose their humanity. While the rest of the world did absolutly nothing to stop it until this war started to threatens to destroy their own lifes and countries. We are facing the same wars and cruelties today all over the world, hidden behind the curtain of international politics. Nothing has changed and nothing will ever stop wars from happening until humans are completly gone from this earth. There is no nation in this world who only does good things. We are all facing the same demons inside us, if we want to see it or not. And wouldn´t we pretend to always be better then others, we would be a big step closer to peaceful coexisting.

But, we are far away from what I described in my post as freedom. I do not believe you are lagging enough inteligents to unterstand that. So do not throw everything in a pot and stir it so you can argue to your favour and likings.

For me fact is, people sometimes need to take off steam. And not all people are satisfied with going to bible studies, sort their stamps, walking with the dog, go fishing or knitting a shawl. Gaming for me means a lot of things. First of course its my hobby. Second, a place for showing off my creativity, a place to meet new people, a place to relax my mind and sometimes to blow of steam. And personally for me, there is nothing wrong in people are not always beeing nice and friendly. Like I said, if kept boundaries. And if some are not able to differentiate between reallife and online its their problem, not mine.

How can you have a bad day while gaming? Except your day is already bad or you expect people to behave only a certain way, which would be illusional.

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You said no rules. Which I take as trolling a player at thier door until they rage quit us acceptable gameplay. Thus ruining thier game, just for my selfish enjoyment. Remember, you said you do not want any rules to dictate your fun.

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No, you just quoted the part of my post where I talk about people trolling others with politics and similar crap, and then you used that quote to go off on a rant about how there should be no rules. In case you somehow forgot, here it is:

So yeah, there must be something deeply wrong with me for thinking you were replying to what you were quoting :roll_eyes:

Yes, I know. What does that have to do with our discussion?

I’m not an American. I live there currently, and I have some of their mannerisms in my speech (and writing), but that doesn’t make me one of them. Although I don’t know what that has to do with our discussion, either.

Wait, so this whole rant was because you’re German? Dude, chill. The reason why I talked about in-game trolling is because you quoted what I wrote about that, and the reason why I mentioned swastikas is because that’s an example of what I’ve personally seen on servers I’ve played.

This was before Funcom published even the first version of their official server rules, so there was nobody to report it to. The trolls who built the swastika called it the Friendship Windmill, but they knew very well what they were doing. They were also obnoxious in global chat and in-game voice chat.

So no, this has nothing to do with you being German – I didn’t even know you were – but rather with how trolls on the Internet think that using Nazі symbols is “edgy”.

Coming back to our discussion, that kind of shіt is unacceptable, and I don’t care how much you or anyone else dislikes having rules against that.

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Well this thread seems a bit derailed currently but id like to throw my 2 cents in again so we can all keep beating a dead horse.
My clan was recently dev wiped, good 4 year run, and we “deserved” it. Excessive builds, multiple power spots taken, fence stacking , sure but we had been there for 4 years, dead server for months at a time, and no former ToS enforcement. If the game was designed properly this should not have been possible for players to utilize, how hard is it to code out fence foundation stacking at this point? I could probably do it in 1 day. Simple concepts to discourage negative building practices shouldnt be difficult to achieve.
I digress, i am now taking responsibility for my tribe at this point as we rebuild. We are still a group of 10 and we all like to build our own stuff. Instead of scattering around the map we are all consolodating to 1 area. Things are already getting a bit big, but not what i would call exessive. I have no way of knowing thia of course, my clan and i now have to live in constant paranoia that we could get troll reported by an angry 16 year old who constantly tries to get us in a party so h can laugh and gloat about getting us dev wiped. If we build at all he will log in and report us and we have to pray to mitra that funcom have a stick up their keester and claim “abusive building”. I understand what is and is not acceptable, and our build , although big, is in no way exessive nor abusive, not blocking any resource of any kind so if we get wiped again, funcom will have done so wrongly. We have also started a base with our alts in a very hidden and difficult to reach location as to avoid losing everything . It seems the best way to build now is in a place no one can find you so that they cannot take screens/videos evidence to file a claim. This is a pretty sad state for the game to be in. Players should not have to be paranoid of being reported by salty children who have no other way of defeating you other than cry to mommy (funcom). Some of you might have builds that would probably be considered “up to code” as it were. Im sure we could get it dev wiped with the right screenshots, videos and diligence. Then you would be on the forums with a little more understanding of whats going on. Should there be an ingame message? Sure it might help, at least give players time to maybe correct the issue. Maybe hire a few actual admins who can actually be called upon. Wouldnt have to be many but at this point id like to have an admin come look at my build and let me know if in danger of another dev wipe and ban.

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Hard? Probably not. Someone may or maynot comment on this, and prepare for the scathing retort when that happens.

But regardless, there is quite a few singleplayers and thousands of others who don’t play on officials where mechanisms that a ‘fix’ for foundation stacking might break other things for them. Those are considered in such changes. As they should be since they do make up over 80% of the playerbase on PC.

Post a screenie of your clan tab showing building piece numbers, and I’ll let you know if you’re too big or not. I’m pretty sure anyone under the limits I think they ought to be will never get dev wiped.


Nah, it’s not worth it. I’m done trying to reason with people who say they can code a new Conan Exiles feature in one day, or people whose argument for continued non-enforcement of a rule is “it was never enforced before”.

Anyone who can code a non-trivial feature for Conan Exiles in a day is welcome to offer their help to Funcom. I’m sure the team would be ecstatic to hire such a prodigy.

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Agreed. Not sure how hard, one could and would reason that it would be worth correcting this glaring building issue.

No, thanks. A lot of us PVE players use the same techniques to place things in ways that allow us to build fancy builds, without abusing them to a degree that affects server performance.

Funcom already got rid of several other techniques because PVP players were blatantly abusing them. Enough is enough. Let’s not have Funcom ruin the game for one group because another group abused something and then had the chutzpah to scream for a half-assed solution to the thing they abused in the first place.


Um, yeah, that’s the thing. It really wouldn’t be all that hard to do, technically, but you’re going to break a whole lot of other things if you do it.

“Fix fence foundation stacking!!!” is a bit like “Fix that hole in the wall!!!” Well ok then, I’ll just take a 20 lb turkey and stuff it in there so the wind doesn’t blow through. Problem solved.

(Of course in the coding world, in addition to the predictable outcomes, this would also somehow result in your car getting a flat tire and your microwave never burning popcorn again with no indication whatsoever of how any of that links to stuffing a rotting turkey carcass through the wall.)


Oh I wasn’t speaking of you. But it probably won’t be worth their time to make a reply either. Though I’ll still likely hear about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m definitely fine with a few peeps losing some overly ambitious ‘sandstone huts’ if it means less potential bugs made by new systems. New systems that makes our modders work a bit harder. And systems that affect our wonderful building community in a negative manner.

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I do wonder if the stacking issues could be fixed with stability programming? Of course having walls with enough HP to withstand what their real life (gasp, I came close to using the dreaded realistic word even when referring to a survival game, gasp again, I said it ! Someone get the smelling salts, Quick!) counterparts would be expected to would largely prevent players need to stack them in the first please…

Point of fact: Players had/have no control over developer decisions to use the same items and assets in all game modes or the consquences this would and is causing right now.

True. But if a developer is going to make a game with multiple game modes, and not re-use the assets and code, then they are actually going to have to make multiple games. If you just mean something as small as ‘these half-dozen items do not exist in PVP’, that I can imagine being relatively simple to program. But if you mean that various game systems need to work in different ways in different game modes, then that’s going to be hugely complicated, almost certainly cause frequent bugs and conflicts, and increase the filesize of the game even more than it already is. So, while the players do not and have not had control over these decisions, we also can’t expect the game modes to use radically different rules, systems, assets etc.

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Agreed. This reality comes with a cost of unpleasant changes when necessary and since the game shares assets then it is the designs issue not the players asking for changes when necessary . Of course this ranking of necessity is up to Funcom.

So its okay if PvE players exploit as long as its a little bit eh? Pretty sure youd still get dev wiped even though you feel its not abusive, point is its a building exploit not inheriently meant to occur without certain trickery. A fence foundation should ONLY be placeable one foundation distance apart if thats how funcom is going to enforce ToS. Do i like that? No, but fence stacking is NOT intended by the devs , even if its “not to an abusive extent”. It doesnt take a “prodigy” to code something like that, nor to understand hypocricy.

Point me to the place in the ToS where it says “a fence foundation should ONLY be placeable one foundation distance apart”. For that matter, point me to anywhere else where Funcom said that. The closest you will find is the post where they clarify that fence foundation stacking (i.e. building them excessively in-depth to make your build stronger) is considered an exploit.

Similarly, I can lag the hell out of your client by placing hundreds of torches in an extremely small space. That would be bannable under ToS, not because you placed two torches close together, but because you abused the ability to do that in order to affect performance, which is what the rule actually talk about:

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Ok, so rules on official servers, that people who play on said official servers need to follow are asking for a fix so that the rules cant be broken and allows fair play…

…shouldnt be fixed because it might affect people who play a modded version of the game on private servers?

Somewhere, on a discussion not long ago, that word entitled was tossed around. It needs to come back here for a second. To put it another way:

Lets not ruin the game for those that want to play on officials because people who play on unoffical (private/modded) servers might get upset and rant on the forums because their modded version was broken by a coding change done by Funcom to fix their game to make it fair for all.

Ill end it there. I just plain disagree.

Like Herex pointed out, exploiting even a little bit is still exploiting.

I dont want to get into too much of a discussion about Funcom rules, but arent you trying to make the same argument here that I have several times in the past about precisely what Funcoms rules state?


You can’t possibly believe that… Not actually. And whoever it was that told you that was having a bit of fun with you for sure. Probably thought telling you that would make you look insane when you told others (if indeed you’re telling the truth and if they actually work for FC). They were successful too BTW… just FYI…

No, I’m not. The rules state what they state, and I quoted them.

I’ve already stated several times before that Funcom handled the communication badly when it comes to foundation stacking. They first said it wasn’t an exploit, and then later said the opposite. You and I agree (I hope) that this wasn’t a good way to communicate and that it should have been done better.

No matter how hard you, @HEREX, or anyone else tries to twist this issue, you’re still arguing for ruining the game for one group because another group can’t distinguish between using and abusing the building system.

I can agree that we don’t have the proper tools to reason about the effect of our builds on server performance, for example. I can agree that Funcom needs to be better at communicating certain decisions. But the solution to these problems is not to completely screw over the builders, e.g. by introducing a building cap or disabling certain building techniques. The solution is to fix those problems, instead of introducing half-assed band-aid mechanics that will ruin the gameplay experience for a portion of players while not actually solving the original problem.


When they make up 7/8ths of the playerbase, they make up a majority. That’s not entitlement, that’s standard.

Officials make up a small minority. So if you want to throw the word entitled around. The phrase, the pot calling the kettle black comes into play.