Unlimited bugged Support for building

Not sure if this has already reported unlimited structure support or not as stumbled upon this last night and ended making stairs that went into the heavens, literally.

My question is this bug / glitch / already known or do i need to send in a video in exploit section?!

You Lose Again Gravity :smiley:

When the server restarts, it will fall.

I actually like this as it allows for some really fun builds, but whether it’s intended or not, the mechanics should be consistent.

I built this a while ago to illustrate the infinite build issue and the fact that the mechanics are different when objects are reloaded not placed.

Edit: you can also build down and back up to spread horizonal support for your floating platforms, increasing their span.

where did you perform that ? testlive ?

i can not reproduce that, not on singleplayer and not on server, so asking …
Realy curious if this is an other case by case bug, or depending a specific server-settings.
I can build 3 stairs, then i need support.

They aren’t stairs. they are wall -> ceiling sequences with diagonal support beams under each ceiling connect to it’s supporting wall. You can lay stairs on top of them though.

Edit: here’s a front view from an earlier iteration:

The diagonal support beam causes connected ceilings to inherit their stability from their supporting wall or foundation. But when the server reloads it it reduces the stability, but not as much as if the diagonal support beams didin’t exist. Or at least, not always. It’s just inconsistent.

Falsely labeled stairs? well kinda. I was looking at the pictures themselves tbh.
Giant steps maybe :wink:

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so falsely labeled stairs, ok

Diagonal support beams giving unfinite stability has been acknowledged as bug shortly after game release. FUNCOM even disabled support value on this building piece, but I guess after last hotfix this change has been canceled.

So now is the perfect time to build infinite siege ladders over players bases and drop down on their roofs :sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply guys!

Got my answer now that this bug has been acknowledged already.

It has not been acknowledged by the mods or dev team. People with so many questions but no one has any definitive answers… Or answers at all for that matter. I have been inquiring for days on this subject. Was a lazy fix that is just infuriating everyone weather for or against diagonals.

Land claims are 2 dimensional afaik (or cylindrical, if you like. one block claims all space below and above it, which can be plotted on a 2D grid) It should not be possible to build over anyone’s base without using exploits so there’s no advantage gained there.

With respect to height for access, a vertical tower is as good as a floating staircase, and easier to build too.

I’m unaware of how this technique can be leveraged to any significant advantage (at least in PVP), though I’d be interested to find out. They would have been really fun to use in various esoteric designs though. (fun on official servers doesn’t seem to be desirable).

Also, I started using these just after release. Diagonal support beams have always worked to transfer support (when placed) since then, and only fail unreliably after a server reset.So rather than disable it, they just jerked everyone around by allowing people to use them, only for their hard work to be trashed after the flip.

I think it’s more plausible that they might cause a server performance penalty because stability values are increased, and once increased, those changes must be propagated throughout the connected structure as required. Some kind of complexity/load issue. But that’s speculation.

The only explanation that I can fathom for what’s going on is that Funcom just want us to buy the DLC and stop playing on official servers so they can close em. Gib money, go away, let modders and private servers pick up the slack etc.

They didn’t even implement a profanity filter (which is pretty much industry standard) so if you play on official, scumbag racists or trolls can plant signs outside your base saying what ever they like about you and your mother. (again, the message seems to be, don’t play on official servers).

Thinking about it, in my experience the ignore function doesn’t even work. There’s no escape haha.

People talk about the game dying. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that this might be exactly what Funcom want.

Gib money.
Go away.

Raw, cynical game design.

It’s also possible that they are in financial trouble and are using some highly dubious tactics in an attempt to cross some kind of threshold in order to do right by the customers who paid for their game at. some. point.

I don’t know. They are unlikely to tell us. If I knew for a fact that they were just shafting people, I’d have a great deal more to say. This is the problem with being conscientious. People can take advantage of you, and so market forces duely apply.

Honestly though, there are some mistakes even schoolboys don’t make, let alone professional developers.



I agree with a lot of what you say.

But i must admit bought the game in early access over a year ago and have almost 2000 hours in it.

In the end Bugged game or not bugged I definitely got my moneys worth out of it.

This wayyy more cost efficient that Trippe A games that take all your cash and demand to buy lootboxes to even progress ( Cough, cough EA)