Unplayable at this point

What a messy game. It has become unplayable for me. I wrote a long list to The Community Manager.

I hope he manages to take a look at 1130, but I played Age of Conan. We were promised audio for the entire game, but it cut short after the intro.

And the bugs! Lemme tell you about Funcom and bugs. They can bug anything.

Ban incoming. But what can I say. It’s true.

This game takes the cake as the most buggy. I see flying gazelles, stamina bugs, and so on.

I said it before and I mean it. This is still in beta.

Aaaand… How about fixing your game before making more content, when you excel in making errors.

I like the game, I like playing, but I have to agree with you on this:

They should focus more on fixing the existing bugs before starting to create more content. We can help them by reporting bugs well documented and we can hope they fix it in time (and not after years).

I understand they have to make money by producing new content time to time, to eliminate the problems, but I believe with this trend they will lose more and more players (I did not check the selling data, I’m assuming), I already see and hear about people who discontinued playing and not recommending the game to others until it’s “fixed” (I mean not the game itself fixed, because it is running, but the armada of long existing problems).

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Clint Eastwood said it best. Now, what did he say?

And please contribute your own unique thoughts and then consider linking to a ginormous wall of text. You have essentially said nothing at all.

So what are you trying to say? Should I read the rules? Well I already read the rules and I still want to share my thoughts, because it’s true and valuable feedback.