Unpleasant & Annoying CE Nag Screen

Every time I login now, I get a nag screen telling me to buy the Collectors Edition.

This would be a little bit less annoying if the CE ad wasn’t so incredibly ugly, with dull washed-out colors and a picture of a guy with a beaten-up face and an unpleasant looking tribal mask with a distended lip.

I really hope that the nag screen will stop popping-up after a few days, because it is actually making me want to avoid logging into the game.

If it’s going to be permanent, then please get a good graphics artist from somewhere to create a nice attractive ad for the CE, which actually makes people want to buy it, rather than repulsing them.


I am okay with them popping a ‘please help pay for our new content’ ad up whenever I log in, but I agree that the image isn’t something I find at all catchy.

No idea if the functionality for this exists, but really they should do up 3-4 different images highlighting various features of the SA CE and rotate them.

You catch more fish with better bait.

I thought they might have one and was told they’d be cool about it and just add it to their daily news login pester that happens once a day for each character login (tied to daily rewards).

Instead they went with a unique pester screen (and bright toolbar button) and it triggers every single time any character logs in.

Totally agree. It doesn’t look good.

I actually think it looks cheap. Though I get why the game needs to be advertised being a free to play title, the way it is done in this case makes it look cheap and more like some browser game or phone game.
I am pretty sure there is a way to do that more subtle and less annoying and cheap looking.

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Which brings me to opinion how screens and trailer for SA looks worse than real gameplay. I was quite skeptic before the release about area design and graphic, but after my walkthrough I have to say I was surprised how it was far better than I expected. Especially night scenes in later part of story are really good with impressive atmosphere.

I know it’s always subjective but this time the offered items really don’t look good no matter how horrible this screen looks like. When I look back how great looks Kaidan geisha & gentleman set and how look this one…

/delay 200
/setoption safCollectorsPurchase_window false

I don’t know why they didn’t just put it in the daily news window or if its here to stay, but if you’re determined to be rid of it without paying for the collectors edition (and yes for some of us that’s $20 just to stop a nag window given the level of interest in the extras.)

This line added to the game’s auto_login script will automatically close it, to the point you wont even see it if its at the top of the script.

Maybe put that $20 towards aurum instead and buy some inventory space or whatever.


The game is “free to play” and of course it has advertising, because otherwise it wouldn´t be F2P.
it´s as simple as that.
The screen is gone with just one click.
Thats not really a problem.


The problem is the intrusive nature and poor representation of said advertisement. Advertisement isn’t a guaranteed method to sell something. There’s a reason companies pour millions of dollars into advertisement to come up with catchy, subtle, interesting or amusing ways to seep their products into our daily lives. Because when you crudely pester someone with the advertisement of a product, it’s very likely to backfire.

What’s the desired effect of having it pop up every single time you swap characters? What does it achieve that can’t be achieved by bringing it up once a day?

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It pops up every single time you log in, its intentionally intrusive.

They switched to a model with multiple payment methods, pay for inventory, pay for sprint, pay for shorter mission cooldowns, pay for more keys, pay for easier gear grind. Many ways you can support them. You should not have to be nagged by this singular method of payment (in your face over and over) on top of everything else.


This says it all!
There are many, many ways to spend your money in this game to help support the devs (and its not cheap (for what you get) compared to most other MMos).

Re-posting my post from Reddit:

You can try this mod by SecretFox.

The ReadMe says:

Disables SAF collectors edition pop-up when you login. Closes the news page and opens Daily-login rewards when you login. News and SAF collectors edition can still be accessed from the topbar.

Glad i am not the only one getting annoyed by it, i am already a patron, and i don’t want the CE. if anything, they should make it an option to not show it again, or just have it like a small icon on the bar or something.

If one screen is making you want to never log into a game it’s probably not the game for you. I love SWL and wish they’d give it more love so the fact I click one button extra to get my daily cache doesn’t really bother me. I’ve seen much worse in FTP games. Could it look better? Yeah. But most of the loading screens could as well. I 100 percent would rather their time go into getting dungeons back in game than making the click screen animated with super fun rotating thing that people will get bored of in a day anyway. If SWL were a news site you’d have to agree to pay to get rid of that window so you could read the article behind it. Least you don’t have to pay to get rid of that window to play!

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The problem is, many people have also seen much better in FTP games, and that’s the only comparison that’s really relevant. Like, say, a single login nag screen presenting the most current stuff instead of multiple pop-ups competing for screen real estate. Or even just nag pop-ups where you tick a “don’t show this again” and it doesn’t show again (at least for a week until next server restart).

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Yeah but clicking one extra button is super difficult and also how dare they advertise at us in this free game that we play for free? Everyone knows that if they want to make a nag screen it shouldn’t nag people. :v:

Speak for yourself. A lot of people are subscribers and we should have the option to tick a “Never show this again” box.


I mean, I pretty clearly wasn’t but ok.

It feels like it’s probably less work for you to just press alt after logging in. :v:

It’s not like I don’t want to see news about the game… it’s just that when it shows every time, I reflexively close it instead of even reading it. The patcher’s a better psot for that stuff anyway, I’m waiting for it to load already.

Also for the love of god move reticle off alt. That’s the worst hotkey. Make it V or something.