Update 41 - Server browser not populating and "character lost" issues - Feedback thread

and they know there are nothing in the fake one

I do not see where or how we are to get our characters back that were lost from the update. Will you please tell me and the community how to fix this?

If you are still having issues with accessing your character, I assume you are playing on a server with Pippi. If so, you may want to refer to their discord for additional information, or see this thread.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out their discord. I do have Pippi. I also finally found information on here about database and accessing. I noticed the info AFTER I logged into the forums.

I am not passive agressive here - not at all.

I think what we have seen in the past 3 days is the biggest bunch of critical problems ever experienced in this game.

I start to worry about Funcom’s reputation. With reputation it is like weigth, it is easy to gain, but twice as hard to loose it. With all we’ve seen including streamers like Maeroth reporting on social media about these massive issues, I think it might be worth considering shutting down the game for a week - get a task force of devs - solve the issues and start back fresh.

Really worried here Funcom will be associated with bad coding / bugs / issues, and thus cause serious damage to the business of the company…

Hope you solve these issues pretty quickly


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This has not worked for me, I still load to the character creation screen when trying to log into my server.

With all due respect, please review the existing threads about this subject before following the advice. The answer is apparent.



With respect, I have and we are still experiencing issues with some players. Also, these are questions my players are asking. What’s the point of asking questions, when they are only met with ridicule, especially in these times? I’m just trying to help my players stay on board.

After the latest hot fix that was supposed to fix character lost, I am now experiencing this in singleplayer mode. Any and all chracter I create through the “continue” or “new game” options are saved by the game. I can play for as long as I want, but once I exit the game and log back in, my character is gone…

Is there a fix for this? Right now I can’t do any progress in singleplayer and lost the hours I’ve put in so far…

Edit: Nota: Now when I create a character, the default name is not my Steam nickname anymore but my nickname followed by #00000 (numbers I do not recall instead of the actual 0s).

After the hotfix my character is still gone. What do i do?

There are two servers for each name. YOU have to get into the correct one, or it shows a start over…Dont start over.

From the server name list hit the top far right tab “level”
All the servers you have levels on will show up.
Next highlight the one you want and type in the name in the server search box. Hit enter
Wait 10-15 seconds the ??? will turn to numbers and that is the server you want to enter.

What about when the problem’s in singleplayer? My online sessions are A-1, but can’t register progress on singleplayer.

I’ve got all the latest patches installed, even did a re-install from scratch. Got into my Official Server #1500 ONE TIME (yesterday). All other attempts to run game result in “Lost Internet Connection”. No idea what is wrong, Funcom can you please provide some help on this issue? Bought game with Steam, running on Windows 8.1. I’ve had NO issues with network speed up until this patch, I’ve been playing for months on this exact setup. This is beyond frustrating, since it appears to be related to the new Funcom Services thing.

I still have someone on my server with the character bug where he gets taken to the create character screen despite having a character on the server already. I’d try Hyborian_Jones’ workaround above but my server doesn’t show up on the in-game server list nor the Steam list. One thing I noticed is that his character’s body is not showing up in our base. He says he logged out on his bed but it’s not there when I checked.

Why does this say solved, nothing is solved the game and many of it’s servers are still broken. I get dropped from my private server and a few others after about 5 minutes online.

Hey everybody,

Please be aware that any remaining issues regarding lost characters are tied to Pippi mod. Joshtech is working on a fix and should be out soon, if it’s not out already.
Any remaining server issues are tied to the modlist or other mods, so for now we’ll proceed to close this thread as the main problems discussed in it have been fixed with the last batch of hotfixes.
Please remember we’re also using Testlive to test our future hotfix with addiitonal server browser and mod handling issues.

Thanks everybody for the feedback and patience while we worked on a solution.