Update Killed All My Thralls

I was wondering that too. Rotbranch isn’t one of the toughest world bosses, and if they get swarmed by over a dozen thralls, they will fold like paper.

Like to lose 52 thralls you have to make that happen, and short of having them do nothing, that’s an impressive feat.

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Do you know how to kite? It used to be much easier – just have the enemy aggro you and then run – but now you have to work a bit to maintain the aggro, otherwise the enemy will pick another enemy. In your case, Rotbranch might have just lost interest and remembered your thralls.

All in all, I agree with @Tephra: spawns are consistent. It won’t spawn in your base one time and then somewhere else another time.

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I’m in the mounds of the dead right beside the Rotbranch there, and people used to pull the Rotbranch into my fighters for an easier kill (which I was totally fine with). Luckily I knew this was the case and set up four to intercept it at my front gate. Even one level 20 thrall will dispose of Rotbranch, but having a few just in case is always a better idea. The same set-up applies for when people pull a Corrupted Wolf. I know it’s a little late, but it does sound like someone pulled this into your base.

When my server got shut down I lost 200 thralls, ones from way before the new purge limit was imposed. But on my new server I’m up to 60 with 30 of them at level 20. It can suck to restart, but it can also be a lot of fun and very rewarding! :slight_smile:

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:innocent: well time train new ones. Only takes one day

Someone tried that today and found out my thralls wouldnt attack anything- Logged in -killed world boss at my doorstep - got weapon logged out.

They were naked thralls standing in my walkway. They weren’t levelled and weren’t meant for fighting. My point is this is a DEVELOPER mistake, and the DEVELOPERS need to give me my thralls back because of their buggy code.

  1. Yes; I know how to kite. I’m not an idiot.

  2. Ever heard of a game bug? Duh spawns are supposed to be consistent. That’s why I’m saying the developers have a bug somewhere.

How do you figure?

You setup a base near a world boss.
Another player dragged it over on your base.
It didn’t spawn in your base.
You didn’t set your non-combat thralls to passive (hence they they had agro when you tried to kite)
You failed to kill it.

You lost thralls because of three of your own actions and one on another player. Devs have no fault here. In addition if you are playing on one of their provided servers you agreed to accept no reimbursement for any issues you have on said server.

You are breaking your own word.


I wasn’t implying you were. They have changed how these things work over time. It’s perfectly possible to go away from the game for a long enough time to miss the nuances of those changes, then come back and play for a while and get bitten by a change you didn’t realize.

Well, excuse the shіt out of me for using fewer words than I should have: in my years of playing this game and reading these forums, I have neither seen an inconsistent boss spawn myself nor anyone else ever claim that, which leads me to believe that the chances of your assertion being correct are much lower than the chances of you having missed a detail.

Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to help figure out what’s going on. Yes, I’ve heard of bugs. A significant part of my work is fixing software bugs. That’s why I’m trying to help here.

For all your complaints about how this is a bug and demands for reimbursement, you’re not likely to accomplish anything. They don’t reimburse players for in-game losses, not even due to bugs or exploits, and if this is a bug, they won’t be able to fix it without a reliable repro, and nothing written here will get the devs closer to it.


I want the 5 bases on different servers full of loot/thralls back that I lost to bans over the last 6+ months and the accounts of all my friends who don’t play anymore after permanently getting banned after their first offense. We can all dream can’t we!

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I believe the argument on kiting is a bit of a red herring here, unintentional of course.

From the OP’s description he built relatively close but not close enough (I assume here, giving benefit of the doubt) to agro the creature onto his base. People do this all the time, its a sort of live and let live situation… or they have a close enough boss to farm at their leisure. Nothing exactly out of the ordinary.

But what likely happened is another player dragged the boss nearby and then broke agro. Probably unintentional, just riding by. Again nothing out of the ordinary, but bad luck for the OP. NPCs have a tendency to target really random targets when their primary gets out of range.

In my experience they like to target things like horses, bearers, and dancers before fighters. Or at least it seems like it. Could be murphy’s law here where they target everything BUT the stuff you want them too.

Rotbranch is not a great world boss to deal with when crap hits the fan. Its not a giant spider, its not a giant scorpion, or even a tiger, elephant, or rhino. Its a very very dangerous foe when you are surprised. Usually the best advice is to run away in said situation.

How the hell do you run away when its up in your base wrecking everything? Well you don’t. Panic mode sets in. Rightfully so. Either you deal with the crap sandwich and bite down, or you lose all your weakling thralls. Now here’s where I have to get into the OP’s mindset. I spent all that work, I can’t lose them. Gotta do something, anything.

So he tries to get the boss away from his base. This is where he believes a bug happens:

The base is close enough to the spawn point where if you tried to kite the boss back to its spawn, it cannot reset agro until EVERYTHING (52 thralls even) are OFF his agro list. Otherwise when the player pops off of it, he reagros the next targets and runs back.

This is not a bug, this is intentional behavior. There are only two solutions to get this boss off the stuff it has agro on. Move all the thralls quickly to a new location further away (not really feasible). Or kill the boss.

I’m going to reiterate what I just said for the OP to understand exactly what happened here.

When a NPC is agro’d it puts the person who agro’d them at the top of the list.
When the NPC is chasing that person, anything in range such as mounts, thralls, pets, and players can get added to that list.
In addition if you did not setup the behavior of the thrall and their engagement properties, they will attack a NPC that gets close to them. So even if the boss ran by, they likely ran out to hit it.
When thralls and pets attack a NPC, they get on the agro list. Sometimes they go to the top if the first person hasn’t done anything (Aka running away).
Then the NPC goes through that list one by one.
If you get on the top of the list and can kite it away, the thralls and pets will NOT drop off the list.
They stay on the list until the person at the top drops off and then it checks to see if the next one is far enough away, running towards them.
If it runs towards them and doesn’t get close enough, it goes to the next target and does the same.
If it is in range it continues the attack.

What this means is once you kited the boss away, it checked 52 times running back a bit each time. It likely didn’t make it to the bottom of the list until it got to your base and resumed its attack, causing the existing thralls to reagro themselves and add themselves back to the list.

Again this is intentional behavior. Not a bug.

Here’s some steps to prevent this in the future:

  1. Build further away from a boss spawn.
  2. Build structures to prevent NPCs from getting at weaker thralls.
  3. If a boss still gets into your base, rely on killing it instead of kiting it away.
  4. Turn non-combat ready thralls passive in Behavior-Engagement so they don’t get themselves killed.

Again. This is not what happened. All of my thralls were gone, he was not searching for aggro targets. He was “asleep” in his resting position like he would be in his normal spawn spot. He is not the only NPC to have a screwed up spawn spot right now. Exiles keep spawning in strange places where they aren’t supposed to be as well, but they haven’t affected me.

This post is a little condescending and is not accurate to what the issue is.

It is a bug. They need to fix it.

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Also, they were dead before I logged in! So no, I didn’t aggro and lose them because of it.

I didn’t say you did:

Except you did ^

Be that as it may, here’s the ToS:

They will, as soon as you make a bug report with accurate steps listed to reproduce the bug reliably.


Right, I still think you built too close to a boss spawn. That’s a decision you made.

By the way respond to me, then Xevyr right after… should get your trust level high enough to post pics. I think you need 10 replies. Then we can get a better view on what’s going on.

Not even that, you can just open a couple of random threads and spend a few minutes scrolling to the bottom to “read” them and that’ll trigger the permission levelup :slight_smile:


If only the abomination author knew that… then we would know what the abomination was…

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Never. We must never know.

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