Updated ingame SLmap - latest releases

(May/July 2016 archive)

I’m working on v2.0 at this moment, bringing these : improvement of each SL zone buildings + update of NPC/spot/dynas/etc + correction of various typos & bugs.

In this framing, i’ll come up very shortly with a partial beta containing layer 2 only as it’s holding 80% of these changes & additions.

For anyone wanting to obtain this beta and helping me testing/debugging it before full v2.0 release (mid june or around this time, i hope), please contact me by forum or ingame :wink:


SL map wide version v2.0 released !
Download links are available at usual spot : https://rubi-ka.net/bitnykk

For most screens set upto 1300 pixels width definition, normal version is advised ; over 1300 pixels width definition, especially if text is hard for you to read, prefer wide version now available.

Again, i’d like to thanx alliance people that tested wide limited beta, & also those wich did a Pyramid Below with me so i could ship this first wide version so early.

Enjoy summer within AO !

(January 2017 archive)

Preparing the SL map v2.1 for a release incoming within a month (or so, depending on my free time …). It’s planned to contain, in quick :

  • few graphical corrections not already shipped in previous v2.0
  • several typos that were discovered (by some people or myself)
  • all catacombs entrance verified (as some directions seemed wrong)
  • addition of Pandemonium’s NPC “Greedy Shade” (location + nanos)

This v2.1 still can include more changes if proposed soon, within the incoming weeks. So feel free to come up with some proposals here, by tell/pm ingame or any other way.


Here is the full feature list of the incoming version, almost done and to be released next month :

2.1 - february 2017 => Greedy Shade locations and nanos added ; few graphical elements readjusted ; several text overlaps and typos fixed ; catacombs entrance descriptions improved ; 3rd layer grid & number corrected.

NB : i’ll now ship it in ZIP format as many people seemed to have issue with RAR extraction :slight_smile:


I’m now preparing SL map v2.2, release planned for the beginning of 2020 (no clear deadline yet).
Briefly, it should mainly contain :

- fine tuning of several element positions
=> correction of few misplaced visual elements (texts, temples, sanctuaries, etc) that i or various players discovered

- mistyped or unreadable text corrections & additions
=> improvement of grey texts + addition of several still missing (various NPCs/Yuttos, Pen jewelry quest’s included)

- location icons added to unzoomed layer
=> 6 new icons (unree/redeem temples + incarnators + dungeons + portals + camps) will be added to first layer to help in overall directions

But i could still include others changes if proposed soon enough, within the 2 next monthes.
Feel free to suggest your ideas in tell/pm ingame/forum or any other way (discord, email, etc).
(Prefered way being this official forum’s thread)

Thanx for your patience & attention !


Thanks for all the hard work on this! This is by far the best SL map I have ever seen/used!

1 question/request: Is it possible to roll the wide version into the normal version, kinda like Saavick’s does now?


Aye, i guess this could be done pretty easily as the 2 versions were designed to co-exist by different filenames within same subfolder. So i think i’ll integrate your suggestion for 2.2 :slight_smile:


Some christmas teasing ? The incoming map update will contain new customized icons in first layer (overview) to better mark places like portals, sided temples, major dungeons, yutto’s camps and incarnators. Try to figure out which is which :


PS : 2.2 final release will prolly be in january - but please be patient with me :wink:


Any update on release date? :slight_smile:

Modification/Addition list is now verified, complete & closed. So reedition time will be coming up rather soon, then exportation and so forth release should occur within february.

May be i’ll symbolically choose to release it on the 20th, so its date turns out to be 2020-02-20 (quite fun for a version 2.2, isn’t it ?) :smiley:


Maybe Feb 2nd? I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Being honest : thought about it but not realistic so quick :smiley:

New version is out :

2.2 - february 2020 => retuning of many positions ; mistyped/unreadable text corrected & missing added (3 quests included) ; noteworthy location icons added to top layer ; a big thanx to Uneedgsf for info/check help !

Download from usual spot (thanx for Novagen who’s hosting the project).


On the page it says “With any old version removed”.

Does that simply mean deleting the folder “SLmap” in …\textures\PlanetMap\ ? Or are there files to be kept?

I always just overwrite/unzip the new map into the existing folder.

Usually overwriting works, as Literary just said. But as some people might have mis-overwriting issues, i generally advice to delete the previous “SLmap” version folder and unzip the new one so there’s no doubt you’ll load newest files. Up to you, really.

I was getting the error: error loading file SLmap.txt. In the SLmap.txt i had update the SLmap/SLmap.xml path to Shadowlands/SLmap/SLmap.xml. In the same file i had to update the SLmap/SLmap.bin to Shadowlands/SLmap/SLmap.bin, i had to change this one in 3 different places. Same for the wide one.


slmap shows where it needs to be but in game there is no option while in shadowlands

figured it out had 2 copies of ao, one was used by steam and that is the one i had to add it to.

This is prolly because you unzipped the archive within your “Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap\Shadowlands” folder when (as explained in the readme) it should rather be unzipped upper in client tree within your “Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap” folder instead - and therefore create (or overwrite) a “SLmap” folder containing various map files (txt, xml & bin). As you unzipped in wrong spot, you had to reedit some files manually to compensate :slight_smile:

Exactly : if you had more than 1 client installed you have to install the map for each within correct path (read my upper comment or in map readme). For the steam version it’s generally within your “Steam\steamapps\common\Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap” folder.

Next SL map update should soon be in preparation. So still time to suggest missing / mistyped / misplaced elements to correction : through official forum, pm, tell, discord or w/ever way :wink:

PS : comment below (of adding new inf mish map) was taken in account for 2021 version.

Hi, after so many years i just discovered the, in my eyes, new inferno missions that you get from the Yutto and noticed there is no map of it. Is that maybe an idea?

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