[Updated] Sound stutter and game freeze at Hammon's Cabin


Same as above
Cut scene with notes freeze, voice slows down and get progressively more choppy and game ignores any input.
Have to close using task manager.

AMD FX 8350


AMD FX-6350 Six-Core Processor
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series


I’m having the same issue, the game stutters and freezes a second after Bormin starts talking and it echoes into unclear digital sounds. It takes 15-20 minutes to close the program through Task Manager after that.
I’ve tried starting a new game and verified the game files, none of it worked. I just cant get past that part. Though, i did get past it before the launch without issues, in the demo version that is.

AMD FX 8320 Eight-Core Processor
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB


Currently having the same issue, here’s my specs;

AMD FX-8350
16gb ram
GTX 1070
running on HDD

Edit: I was able to progress further into the cut scene without any performance issues by switching from Bormin to Dux right before. I was able to get half way through the cut scene and then it did the same thing, video froze and audio got crackly and progressively slower. Game becomes completely unresponsive and has to be closed through task manager.


I was having this issue (and constantly the inventory menu crash) I verified my steam files and then I was able to get through the cutscene. Just curious if I just got lucky or has anyone else tried this?


I came here for this same exact reason.

I followed Curty’s advice about Verifying Steam Files and it just worked! (Thanks Curty!) Created an account to spread the good word.


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hi thanks for this good game but have trouble too at the cut scene (hammon’s cabine) and in the menu.
With the demo i could play longer
AMD FX 8120
8gb ram
gtx 560


I have the same problem… the game crashes every X time and same with hammond’s cabin cutscene please give a solution for us!

AMD FX-8350
16gb ram
GTX 1060


what do you verify as steam files?


Verifying file inegrity in steam does not solve the issue for me.

I’m running:

AMD FX-8320
GTX 960 4GB
Win 8.1


Same here for me…

AMD 8320 8core
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


Same as above.

AMD 9370 8core 3.8ghz
GeForce GTX 970
16gb ram

Hope a fix comes through soon. Game looks awesome so far :slight_smile: Thanks ahead of time crew guys


Same issue as above, have been looking forward to this game for a while. Hope to see a fix soon! :smiley:

AMD FX-8370 4.30 GHz
GeForce GTX 970
16 gb ram


Same issue
Graphics-4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (EVGA)
Windows 7


Same issue (Along with several other seemingly random crashes) I tried just waiting for it to finish so I could just continue after the cutscene but it crashes before the game has a chance to autosave.
CPU: AMD FX-8350
Windows 10 32GB
Amd r9 380 STRIX


Yes i have same issue,

cpu : FX 8350
gpu: Gtx 1060

the game crashes everytime bromin pick up hammond’s note


AMD FX 8320
GTX 1060 3GB

Game crashes with Hammond’s note

(Also crashes frequently with alt+tab operations)


Thank you everyone for providing us with your hardware details!

From what we can tell it seems to be a compatibility issue with pre-Ryzen hardware. We don’t want to exclude pre-Ryzen processors, but the internal machines used for playtesting and QA had newer processors. The developers are working on gathering the hardware needed to reproduce the issue :slight_smile:


The game randomly freezes. I turned down the graphics and it was less but still frequent enough to consider returning. It seems to happen most frequently while in the menu/inventory. I hope this is fixed for full game because it looks wonderful and I want to play.


I have the same problem, only in the inventory my game freeze 0fps … i play generaly with 60fps in fight/explorating but in inventory i freeze …