Updates before summer holidays?

Any info about any update before summer holidays please?

I have been really patient but sad truth is I barely log into the game during last weeks. Most of friends are gone, there is so little to do in game (got bored to do same few things again and again), but I still have some last remnants of hope and did not uninstalled game yet.

However if there will be no bigger update before the summer, I think there is no reason to wait anymore…

(And for those few active individuals who would like to flag this post. I mean my question seriously.)

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Nothing so far. And the absence of any info on a FC anniversary event spells pretty clear that the game is unofficially in maintenance mode.

Both financial report and funcom stream confirmed that anniversary is coming only the when and in what form is unknown. And given we are talking about funcom it could very well be they tell us only one day before or even closer.

I doubt they will even hint anything past that before at least the anniversary started.


Thanks for reply.

In this case thanks all great people I have ever met in game and farewell.

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And we still believe in financial reports and funcom streams? Any credibility either of those sources had has withered a long time ago.


Financial reports are probably the only thing I actually believe at this point, because lying to or misleading investors is something Funcom is very unlikely to do.

More telling in my view is that SWL has exactly as much planned per the financial report as Anarchy Online.


The official finanical reports are by far the most reliable source of information we have on what Funcom is doing and planning.
Lying or providing misleading information in those reports could get Funcom in serious trouble, so they are unlikely to do that.

Funcom would never do anything illegal.

That said, I think the financial reports made it very clear that FC doesn’t care about this game and we’re now on the same level as AO. They’re just keeping the servers on, but not much past that. Most resources are going to acquiring publishing rights for licensed properties with a little bit still exploring stand-alone game titles. The future of the Secret World is in offline, single player games sadly.

Now if we want to talk unsubstantiated rumors, the word is that the number of development staff actively assigned to SWL is in the low single digits.

My guess…we will see updates/new stuff…never…

They are just floating along now :confused:

Just an update since not everyone follows funcom everywhere:
The anniversary got confirmed to be starting on the 18th.

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Any news about the details of the event?

Will probably come somewhen today (14.6)…since from what I know the official “official” announcement comes today. Since the date yesterday was more a preview and grand date release. U till than I highly recommend looking and preplanning which MEGAversary events one wants to attend. There are already quite a lot out and 1-2 might still be coming.