Upgrade temple destroys temple

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My clan mate and I have both attempted to upgrade our temple and lost everything when it destroyed the temple once the upgrade to level two finished “building”. Clan mate has now spent the entire night regathering resources to rebuild and somehow it succeeded on second attempt. Mine then did the same thing when I attempted to upgrade my temple. This is a huge resource and time waste. Over 1000 bricks and 500+ iron reinforcements wasted is unacceptable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build basic temple
  2. Collect resources for upgrade
  3. Select to build the upgrade
  4. Wait for it to finish and Temple disappears.

Some of the temples upon upgrading shift their location and if there is not enough space where the game wants to place them or there is something in its way (including a player) then the temple fails to place. I’ve seen one account of a temple not upgrading but leaving the completed next tier of alter building in the current alter inventory when it had an unconscious player body on the alter during the upgrading process.

The Set and Ymir t3 alters get placed one foundation block forward of the t2 location for example.
Derkato and Mitra don’t move and do not increase in size very much.
I don’t know about jebbel sag alter.

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Then it should just fail and stay as current level without taking everything. Additionally the build menu is now totally messed up because you kick instead and are taken out of build menu. Fix this…


That sounds like a reasonable fix. There should be a catch case for if the placement fails on shrine upgrades.

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