Upgraded Jhebbal Sag shrine to T3 Grove and it disappeared

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After upgrading my Jhebbal Sag shrine to a grove, it disappeared.

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Same exact thing happened to me. NOT happy.

I had the same bug a few months ago with a T2 to T3 Derketo temple update. After a bit of testing on SP it appears that it was maybe due to collision between the box of the T3 temple and some parts of the building that surrounded it.

Some temples have a very strange collision box btw, like you have to let a loooot of place around them juste to be able to place them, but after the temple is placed you can build and put placeables around… :thinking:

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Had this once with a Set shrine upgraded to T3. I think later they wrote in a patch note that this bug should be fixed… :roll_eyes:

Yep, bugs always should be ! :laughing:

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