Use obsolete craftsmen in decorative furniture

You could make chairs for example that you could put an obsolete craftsman on to make the place more organic. Cages that have one in, a stump where one is chopping wood, etc.


Immersion/realism/roleplay, useless pawns/added value, and game balance integrity.

these “obsolete” thralls could be placed around, but then they should not be strong in battle since they raise the follower limit and change the game’s balance. However, you can’t really make them weaker than when they first appear, either. And, would it not be frustrating if they do not react on the battle?

I think that is the reason behind limiting the use of these crafting thralls.
One potential tweak is to give crafting thralls a nerf once their will is broken, so they are very weak, and on top of that, do not gather much XP (or don’t level up at all) and have no or little Boni.

This way, you can use them for anything for roleplay, etc, and they are not completely useless, however, any clever player will keep the achievement of using professional warrior thralls, and the balancing should not be changed noticeably either.

I do think that one could copy the behavior of the warrior thralls p.awn (the class in unreal engine 4) for them and just disable or drastically nerf the leveling system, and then add a function “use”. So once you go in the follower commands, you click on “use” and then point at furniture the player can already use (like you place guards) and they go there and have the same behavior /interaction with the object as the player.

This way it should be modular and compatible with any changes of objects and object interactions, as they only reference the player behavior (duplicate these properties from the player p.awn (the class in unreal engine 4)).


Crafting thralls don’t have fighting stats at all. RodusMaxumus’s idea doesn’t require them to gain combat abilities at all, either. Effectively, what he suggests is just a number of extra “workstations” with a crafter thrall that don’t produce anything, just look good.

I love the idea, by the way.


Thanks Kapoteeni “Decorative Workstations” is a much better description.

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Add place 2ndary thralls to religion Stations as “Sacrifices”

Derkito, chained up on hide mat/floor etc. Or 2 for side pillars.
Yog Pit, they can be kneeling at ledge of fire. Or chained to side posts. XD

etc etc.


Or screaming and burning inside the pit perhaps? Priests of Yog surely must know how to slow-roast their long pig.

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Not a solution (and I recognise that someone always brings this up and it annoys some people), but if mods are an option for you there is one that does exactly what you want:

This is one of my absolute favourite mods - provides emotes for crafters, including placeable chairs and various ‘stations’ where they can be placed to perform a particular emote (though do watch out - the small ‘pebble’ is the only part that can be accessed, and can be hard to hit, particularly once it is inside a thralls body - usually in a foot - so they can sometimes be hard to get back out - which is why I use the chairs for thralls I’m likely to want back). It also provides emotes for follower thralls (like the much lamented and long gone Strays Thralls did). Plus, on top of that, it solves the ‘follower not putting weapon away’ issue by having whichever thrall is following you perform a simple emote after about 10 seconds idle without moving - it has completely removed that issue for me.

For an example, in the following picture, all of the characters visible are crafters except for the dancer:


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been lamenting for the loss of StraysThralls, but I was suspicious of the “pebble” part of this mod. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


The pebble part can be a little difficult (but only applies to crafters - follower thralls just get an item to go in their inventory, same as Stray’s Thralls) - with some surfaces it winds up under the floor and can’t be used, but moving it around you can often find a spot (the guy in the foreground in the picture above has his foot on a crack because that was the best spot to place the pebble). Similarly, I’ve only once been unable to get a thrall back out - because I just could not figure out where the pebble was. So long as you make a mental note of where it is, you can eventually find it (and I believe the modder has made them a little bigger recently to make it easier) - just be a little careful if you hold ‘e’ - I often think I’m on the pebble, but instead get offered the option to destroy the ceiling it’s on (never actually fallen for it though - just don’t rush at that stage).
The chairs for crafters are great and have never given me the slightest problem :slight_smile:

Thanks I will give that mod a try.

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Now it works with Placeable Thralls as well :heart_eyes: Just like old good Stray Thralls, but author made Dancers more obedient, they do play emotes as well. One of my dancers now juggles balls. Moreover, Followers now play random emotes while idle. It interferes a bit with Better Thralls (part where they select between a lethal weapon and a truncheon), but I just take out my weapon twice to be sure. This is the only issue with Followers I’ve noticed by now.


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