Useful NT items?

Could someone please list some useful items for NT’s?!-(read-here-first)

probably more relevant to your question is this one

Just a note: +damage items now affect nano technician nukes since around 18.0.

This means items like Rockcrusher Gauntlets, Touch of the Gripper, and Barrow Strength from ToTW are some of the best items for boosting nano damage, especially aoe damage. Aside from +damage, the next best stats for NT to have are maximum nanopool, -%nanocost, and run speed. Also, anything that adds to matter creation is a no-brainer. I will link some items which work well on a nano technician below:

Nano Targeting Helper
Notum Splice
Neleb’s Robe
Ring of Haste
Notum Focus
Hood of Wicked Inspiration
Virral Triumvirate Egg
Expensive Kevlar Vest of Professor Jones
Boots of the Dancing King

If you are froob, I recommend using either a ql51 Pillow With Important Stripes with a Fazekas Crystal, or a ql51 Soft Pepper Pistol dualed with a ql100 O.E.T. Co. Jess. These weapons aren’t for doing damage, but for boosting your nano capabilities.

Thanks so much

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