Valentines event 2020?

Hi all anyone know when this will kick off. It started on the 8th of Jan in 2019 but has not started yet in 2020 and i can not find any info on it?.

About the only info we’ve had from Funcom this year is regarding Tencent’s bid for the company:

We’ve only really had info about Conan Exiles, being that it’s getting a downloadable map DLC:

Apart from that, radio silence. Fun fun fun!

Edit: Their twitter accounts are regularly updating with snippets of mostly un-game-related info, and there was a Conan Exiles patch which was nice for players of that game (like myself) but nothing regarding SWL.

Ok thnx. Have a heap of new players in cabal who are looking forward to it. Maybe it will kick off this Friday for valentines weekend this year o.O. Fingers crossed.

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I would very much like there to be a SWL event this year, even a belated one. I did reasonably well with it last year! If they’re unable to say/do much at present due to shareholder shenanigans, a St Patrick’s event could be cool, or something for the Equinox @AndyB

There will be a Valentine’s event this year. In fact, it starts tomorrow :wink:

Details to come later today.


Thats great news \o/ Thnx!

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How do you like the new thing? What it took for you to win the fight at the E10+ difficulty?

I was not imagining talisman custodians and FATES blocking my way. hUh.

E12 main obstacle was getting the Flame Manifestation to cleanse me. She stopped casting the fire T which was working consistently. I ended up just taking down the last 80% of her hp without reducing ice stacks at all. I think maybe f-interacting with the fire mani did something but it was right as she died anyway.