Valentines event 2020?

Hi all anyone know when this will kick off. It started on the 8th of Jan in 2019 but has not started yet in 2020 and i can not find any info on it?.

About the only info we’ve had from Funcom this year is regarding Tencent’s bid for the company:

We’ve only really had info about Conan Exiles, being that it’s getting a downloadable map DLC:

Apart from that, radio silence. Fun fun fun!

Edit: Their twitter accounts are regularly updating with snippets of mostly un-game-related info, and there was a Conan Exiles patch which was nice for players of that game (like myself) but nothing regarding SWL.

Ok thnx. Have a heap of new players in cabal who are looking forward to it. Maybe it will kick off this Friday for valentines weekend this year o.O. Fingers crossed.

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I would very much like there to be a SWL event this year, even a belated one. I did reasonably well with it last year! If they’re unable to say/do much at present due to shareholder shenanigans, a St Patrick’s event could be cool, or something for the Equinox @AndyB

There will be a Valentine’s event this year. In fact, it starts tomorrow :wink:

Details to come later today.


Thats great news \o/ Thnx!

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How do you like the new thing? What it took for you to win the fight at the E10+ difficulty?

I was not imagining talisman custodians and FATES blocking my way. hUh.

E12 main obstacle was getting the Flame Manifestation to cleanse me. She stopped casting the fire T which was working consistently. I ended up just taking down the last 80% of her hp without reducing ice stacks at all. I think maybe f-interacting with the fire mani did something but it was right as she died anyway.

Now that it ended, this thread seems like a good place to tell everyone your general thoughts on what you think was good and what didn’t work in Valentine 2020 event mission.
I think devs did a good job on making the mission accessible to a very wide range of players. Difficulty on the chase part was just enough so that even characters with no movement abilities/gadgets could do it flawlessly, and using those abilities/gadgets made the chase easier without trivialising it completely. Boss encounter had me stumped for a bit because my previous experience didn’t let me discover that fire removes ice from me (I just dodged everything at first), and I assumed ice stacks are sort of time limiter mechanic. So I got pleasantly surprised when this became known to me.
Ability to replay just the boss encounter and pay dungeon keys for opening the reward chest instead of strict 8 hours lockout I’m also considering a positive thing. Would like to see it added to Broadcast boss encounter. Smoke and Mirrors probably won’t work like this, but again it’d be nice to have something like this on a winter holiday event too.


LOVED IT! The 2 minute lock out was great. I played with more than just me and I always got the white light under me from low IP I gather. That would be a good change or just add differences in group fight. No other changes.

Playing whenever I want instead of on the hour is a huge plus side to me.

I’m not at all a fan of one of the achievements being “pick both sides of the mission whose outcome is supposed to matter”, I don’t mind achievements that effectively require multiple completions but going to the point of “to get this achievement your in-character decisions are affected” hurts

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Aye. If there’s a future effect from this, I hope it chooses the first choice. I only made the (frankly) wrong choice to grass on her once, and factory-reset the first, third and onward times. I thought it weirdly amusing that in order to get the Swarm Mask, I had to betray the Swarm.

All in all though, I freaking loved the obstacle course and the boss fight was an incredibly fun challenge set to our specifications and with decent rewards. Bravo!

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My biggest complaint is that the quest objective doesn’t update as soon as you enter the correct room. I spent days (literally) on a wild goose chase until a friend told me that I’d already been in the right location several times. But I somehow managed to miss that one corner every. single. time.

Was a great event. Really enjoyed it as did the lower level cabal members. The boss fight and missions were different to what we are used to which again was a positive. The place was buzzing :). Thnx!!

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Everything considered, the event was deep into “meh” territory.

It starts with “mandatory PvP for Valentine”. Yeah, that’s the spirit (not).

The riddle was ok, the chase simply annoying. I just dislike it when you get artificially slowed down to drag something out. Makes me feel bad about the Aurum I invested in those good sprints.

Then there’s more of those of new “do it on your max IP” achievements which I consider to be rather stupid in general. Upgrade your gear and make your life harder ? Check. Granted, I can only compare E17 and E11, but doing these achievements at E11 on my alt was so far much easier than doing them on E17.

Also, since I intend not to rat out the Swarm, I can’t do that achievement which requires me to do that. Sigh.

Lastly, the boss fight itself is unsatisfactory for a melee player because you end up spending more time running away from the bad stuff on the ground than you spend bashing her face in.

Sure, the farming is good, but the flaws make it a sour experience.

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I don’t think it matters. It certainly didn’t when we were given a similar choice in ‘Choose Your Own’.

I enjoyed the event overall too. It was fun and a nice challenge.

That’s first I have heard of it being bad for melee. There’s video of e17 and looked too easy.

It’s not the difficulty. It’s “time spent running away” > “time spent smacking the boss”. which isn’t fun for me.