Variety of Building: Covering foundations with walls

I really liked the possibility to cover block foundations with normal walls and I have hoped for the update 33 this would be possible for triangle foundations too. Not only that this technique increases the stability of a wall but also it covers how your Building was built. And it looks much better for immersion.
Right now there is no possibility more to cover foundations with walls.
I would like to have this technique back: covering block and triangle foundations with walls🙏🏼
What do you think Exiles?


I think we are meant to use the Fence Foundations.

I use these and they fit to sides of square and triangular foundations as well as match the tier you’re building with.

Yes I know, but my opponent will also know, that the fence foundation will probably cover other foundations. Normal walls will leave him uncertain. Also, when I change between foundations and windowwalls one by one I can cover the foundation with a wall to get a homogeneous looking. I don’t get this with a fence foundation. You see a gap between these parts then as you see it between a uncovered foundation and a wall on the floor. And that’s the reason I always use fence foundations or walls to cover foundation blocks.


My man. Where do you play? :smiley: Respect.

There are aesthetic reasons and strategic reasons. I love wrapping my weakened sandstone elevator shafts and entrances with T3. I used to love wrapping T2 with T1 when building in the oasis areas, to preserve the scenery. I do think the strategic considerations are worth re-enabling it.

However. According to @Scooper, tiers have different thicknesses. This is something I suspect you’ve figured out too – and probably why it “comes and goes.” I would really like it to stay.


I always wanted the top of ceiling tiles to match the top of foundation blocks for similar reasons, but alas.


I hhave to agree. I too always preferred covering foundations in walls. Especially where foundations are used as fortifications/castle walls, so that the “wall” matches the gates and other parts of our buildings.

Place walls first then put foundation see if that works