Various bugs (PS4 Pro)

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Both
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [UK/EU]

  1. After playing a bit, free moving textures like hair or an armours cape/tassles stop working and become rigid.

  2. After playing a bit, my characters movement becomes a bit broken, turning or pressing back to face the other way leaves the character only able to turn in unnatural wider radius circles, and often clockwise. As if locked onto something.

  3. Chase/battle music often seems to continue playing long after chased have subsided and no enemies are in sight.

  4. In co-op (not sure of single player) when entering a new area through a loading screen, or when one player dies and respawns, they often respawn inside the player making one player unable to move from the spot. Or even if not spawned inside the player they can still randomly become frozen to the spot.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Mostly from just playing, no particular triggers
  2. For 4, enter a new area in co-op or have one player die and respawn on the players location
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Could you mention where exactly this happens?

A PC TestLive Hotfix adressing several most requested issues, including some of the endless combat music, was pushed out this morning:

It will come to Live soon and consoles at a later time. The developers are currently trying to address the ongoing issues with servers and Funcom Live Services.
I am not sure what the status of the other issues is at the moment.

Note, keep an eye on the forums for patch notes. They are :pushpin: pinned on the forums.

cant play whit that problems

Hi there, thanks for the update, the combat music continues to play almost anywhere when you’ve entered and left combat. But recently it’s happened on the map around B,8. Around L,5. Around C,12. F,12 the volcano entrance (I turned my music up as my friend said there’s creepy music playing and there was battle drums, so turned it back off).

Also just 2 additional bugs today:

  1. when placing a bed and clicking on it, they won’t save as your spawn point, only the last activated bed works.

  2. When dropping some items (armour pieces specifically) my friend wouldn’t see them in the loot bag but I still could. They would then disappear if I tried to pick up and drop them again, or would disappear if my friend took the other items they could see in the bag.

  3. inside the mountain/well, the skelos cultist serpent people and rattle snakes, when locking onto them to fight, the lock on disables by itself after a second or two.

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