Vaults and crates

While runing some tests with a relatively new character, i had some thoughts about the feat unlocking vaults and crates in game.

Vault and wooden crates can be learned all two at level 44. While all two are containers, there is a big difference between a big security vault, and a simple wooden crate to store materials.
Also considering the problems with vaults spam on pvp servers, maybe settings vault to a separate feat to and at highter level, while wooden crates could be unlocked with the master carpenter-bench, learned at level 30.

For me it would make more sens to learn wooden crate earlier in game, while the vaults are more a luxury good, and should be hight-level.

What are your ideas about ?


I think you hit 60 quickly enough it wouldn’t make any difference

Edit: you have to ask who is vault spamming, and it’s not gonna be your mid game PvPers.

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I think this is a fantastic idea. While I have no real-world carpentry experience, it seems to me that it would be easier to build a bigass crate than a finely carved metal chest–never mind a vault. Yes, absolutely–either make crates their own thing (like a 1-pt feat) or tie them in with something lower-level.

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For me the vault-spam is just an accessory aspect. My main purpose is that players can make crates earlier. I mean they’re simply wooden crates made out of planks. A vault is a different thing.

And sure, we can run a full tread about vault spam again, but i repeat, this wasn’t the first idea of this post.

I think there is a small medium and large crate available when you unlock them. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t be tied to the respective s/m/l lockable chests instead of all at the end. They are great for general storage inside a base, I know I could have used them when I was newer to the game for better organization. I don’t think it would break any progression as the shaped wood is probably sufficient enough of a gatekeeper.

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I totally agree my dear @Vattende , i find it my self a huge mistake either that wooden crates are unlocked so late ,so before I run on my suggestion I would first want to thank you for this post , because I always say that I have to start a conversation of the forum about this mistake and I always keep forgetting it , so once again THANK YOU :+1: .
My suggestion about it is a bit different , not that I disagree with yours , I like it very much , but I would like if you don’t mind to place my own thought on how we unlock the crates

I believe that crates should stay where they belong , in artisans table , and if you wanted to unlock them from low lvls you could use feat points to do it . The only reason I suggest this is because even a sandstone house can look beautiful , so instead of these ugly wooden chests in the beginning i would farm a bit more wood to fix these beautiful crates . Now that we have this boat looking beautiful dlc , crates are more necessary than before , after all it is an aesthetic issue , and crates are useful only in pve , so why not have them from low lvls ? Closing I believe that crates recipe should be only shaped wood(and nails but we don’t have🤣) , nothing else .

My dear @Tuffman you are totally right , for us going lvl 60 is very fast or for original PvP players , yet I can assure you that in pve servers players that played months this game still didn’t reach lvl 60 . In PvP , players that enter clans are able to claim a lot of journey steps without efforts , or walk in dungeons from day one , since they follow the clan everywhere , don’t forget of pve players please that doesn’t have these options :wink: . Yet you know it very well your self that an Asuras chosen doesn’t need us to tell him-her how fast we can go lvl 60 :wink: .


Yap, that’s also my point.
Could even be made before the large chests, no locking mecanisme, just a crate. Size doesn’t matter lot here.
Vaults are a different thing, and in mind should be treated different.

Yes, you’re right, for the missing nails, maybe some iron could do the trick, shaped wood + some irons bars, would be fine and give the illusion. :wink:

The leveling indeed isn’t the point here. Sure i can level a new char in less than 2 hours if needed, i mostly set my leveling to half default, cause i love not to rush, still very fast.

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I am not so sure , but if i remember correctly , when I started playing CE we had nails , but I have this memory like a dream , maybe I am mistaken , I don’t know , it is way back after all and I was very new in the game maybe I confuse it with something else .

I don’t remember nails, maybe some other games. I ran after nails in many games, but not CE, but i’m sure some mods have some. Or we could replace them by some wooden clavels (not sure if that’s the correct name in english, anyway :wink: ).

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It would be nice to split them up at least, the small box could come with the starter chest, the medium box with the second chest and cupboard and the biggest one with the vault

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I support that particular part of the suggestion.

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On pve vaults are not necessary , they could stay alone and in higher lvl , cupboards are with chests and there they should stay . Maybe you see three sizes of crates but actually they are 2 types , the greatest that works like big chest , and the other 2 that works like the small one in terms of capacity .

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I’ve never understood the logic behind the Small Crates.

At level 2 you can make a Wooden Box. It can hold 20 items, and has 5000 Durability.
At level 44 you can make a Small Crate. It can hold 20 items, and has 250 Durability.

Why is it like this? :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question:


Crates could use some love for sure. I’ve never heard of anyone using them outside of PvE for their decorative value.

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I always use a mix of crates, wooden boxes and chests and place them in the areas they’re needed. Prefer them for easy access and their small size over the vault which is enormous and frustrating to conceal.

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