Volunteer Official Admins?

I know Funcom does not have the manpower to admin their official servers but there is a great core community of people here. To combat the extreme number of players who cheat (hack/undermesh/exploit) and generally ruin the game making players quit we could have volunteer admins. Trusted people who like to play the game and will use the powers only to drive off cheaters, protecting the honest player population. I know finding these people will be difficult but it is possible, it’s not fun fighting cheaters endlessly with no respite and zero support from Funcom. My clan is tired of fighting endlessly to combat the endless flood of cheaters entering the server trying their damnedest to wipe every player off the server, can we get some help PLEASE. I love this game but this is completely out of control.

Could an admin/dev/someone who can do something reply plz?


This will never happen

It’s already been told and repeated, never happen, ever.

And even IF that was going to happen, they would need to state that people who become volunteer admins are to only be admins for that server - but never play themselves on them. That would be the sole thing which would enable volunteer admins.
Best thing would be players of other games become admins for CE to gain some bonuses in the games they actually play. Then again we really dont know if people would then even do their “job” properly…

There is no trust in this world we live in. If there is trust, it is bound to be betrayed at some point. Thats it. That is the reality we live in.

So in this world unworthy of trust, only money matters.
Meaning this would be needed to become a job, which then would be needed to be paid well enough to keep a family sated.
And since a sub wont happen (not even an optional one as it seems), admins wont ever be a thing…

I dont like this eighter…

Who is going to police abuse of power by suggested volunteer admins?

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Volunteer players… as everywhere else…

And that works how? Gonna leave it up to popular vote? In that case I just flood a server with my clan mates and boom, full control. Monitoring authorities have to be objective and that is impossible being an active player on a server.

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Funcom has replied on the past re: Admins on official servers - they deliberately set them up so obtaining Admin abilities is impossible. So the idea of either Funcom employees or volunteers as Admins can not happen.
The only thing Admin type action they can take is to ban the user from all official servers.

Having been an admin for a while on PvP servers, there is always 100% no matter what you do someone who calls admin abuse at even the slightest sign of you being better than them or having something nice. For that reason alone a company will never have “volunteer admins” on an official server. They made unofficial server capabilities for those who’d like to do that without being connected to them.

It doesn’t work, I was being sarcastic.


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