Votekick for Minis


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Thread is going in circles and no longer constructive. The concerns brought up in this thread have been forwarded to the developers to consider, although there’s no way we can promise a minigame votekick feature.

Edit: For the record, I know it sucks to have some rotten apples in minigames killing it for people. There’s a lot of concerns on our end we have to worry about; major ones are how we can implement a system that isn’t easily abused, plus the technical hurdle since Minigames are not on the same system as the Raid Finder. It’s not a matter of copying and pasting some code over. I’ve brought it up and will continue bringing it up but again, I can’t promise anything. In the meantime, we encourage players to use the Report feature.

Thanks all. Unfortunately this topic seems to consistently devolve into finger-pointing and flaming, so if we can’t have civilized discourse on the matter then these topics will continue to get moderated and users will have to have their posting privileges revoked. Closing.