Waiting for that shower

I play solo, local on PS4.
I was looking for my first meteor shower and finally watched one. Thing is, I chased down the paths which led to no meteor.
I need your help. I believe that since it’s local the whole area wasn’t loaded and therefore the meteors landed nowhere. Can anyone confirm this is the case?
Also, does anyone know how long it takes for meteor showers to show again?

I measured 40 - 90 minutes between meteor showers in Solo/Co-op mode. Other folks have notice that these numbers are also correct for them. Some say they have no issues seeing the showers and they come rather quickly.

I have seen one, recently, while standing around the northwestern portion of the Highlands.

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The area were they can land ist kinda huge and some are kinda “Hidden”. Also the number of meteors you see falling down, doesnt have to be the same number you find.

They can be sometimes against a cliff or even on a statue.
And one time, when I opened the outer shell of a meteor stucked to a cliff, the whole thing just disappeared.

So my guess is that sometimes the meteors are landing on bad spots and disappear…

Only saw 3 meteor showers. Once when I just came into the area and I found 5. Another time I got even killed by it and also got 5.
And the last time, I was at the Frostgiant outcast to learn the religion, when I saw the shower. Only found 2 then…

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Thank you both! I guess some more patience then :vulcan_salute:t3:

Finally!, caught a meteor shower!

Took me about 1 hour waiting in the snow.

I was standing at C 13, but I believe that by the obelisk (D/E 13) one should get a great view of the meteors coming from the west.

I thought the event would appear in the log, but nada.

BTW, I got killed trying to harvest the meteors, but took the map to the obelisk and the meteors were still there! (PS4, solo local game).


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