Walling off Obelisks

Hey, is this allowed if I build doors and leave them open ?
Background is that we need to raid someone and just wanna prevent them running off with their loot

Or is this now also bannable ?

Thanks in advance

To be safe I wouldn’t do it. Even if you leave doors open. I think it’s against the rules. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.


It is against the official server rules. Even if you risk it, there’s an update in Testlive that will cause construction around obelisks to self-destruct.


Exactly as @Ciero9 said, this is directly from their testlive patchnotes.

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Will PoiProtectionEnabled=true be set for official servers?

I would assume that is the case but they will have to clarify that to be certain.

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Hrm…wait a moment, not sure I like the sounds of this, does this system apply to Obelisks only? Or any ‘point of interest’

I think if it does not include all POI now, it probably will in the future.

No, you can not wall an obelisk, even with doors open.

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That remains to be seen. I would like to see it expanded to anything too close to dungeon entrances as well. Recipes also, if you build over and block off recipes that’s denying other players access to things they aught to have access to. So it really depends on what Funcom decides to do with it.

I only ask since part of my base is just next door to one of those ghost animations. I didn’t surround it, and those who still want to see it / activate can still do so (I did this on purpose so people could) but the ghosts do appear virtually next to my wall.

I’m now wondering how big this ‘radius’ is going to be…

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