Warning: Official server restart at 17:45 CET

Greetings Exiles,

Official PS4 servers will be restarted starting at 17:45 CET to address a server type mismatch reported after the update. Keep an eye out for the warning message that will appear 10 minutes before the restart!
They should be back shortly after the restart.

Thanks for understanding.


Thanks… really hopes this fixes the loading screen


Would be nice to get the warnings if it was possible to logon, server 3052 has infinite loading screen


3053 EU pve-c loading screen😒

After reset… still stuck on the loading screen… i give up

@Community come on seriously, reset has happened and still cannot get on server 3052, this is beyond a joke, all this time and you still haven’t fixed the game, real disappointment here, was really looking forward to play, guess it’s time to play a different game, rust is out shortly, maybe they are far more reliable

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This is indeed very disapointing. My hype for this new update was to finally be able to play PVE-C Official since its the only game mode i enjoy. Turns out we still stuck with infinite loading screens. And im assuming that behind those never ending loading screens there will be my old friend Bugged stamina and rubberbanding waiting for me. I hope im wrong. And i hope Funcom fixes this asap.



We regret that you are experiencing issues with login into our servers.

We have passed this information for our team to investigate.


I’m about to punch a camel…

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I am wondering if pvp server setting for harvesting have been chane from 2 to 1.

Here, now that you have the update, you will find this announcement relevant:

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Still having infinite loading screens on ps5 even after the update while trying to get into official servers.


5:45pm Central European Time what date? Was that yesterday for you guys? It is 1:27am Central European Time right now. Were the server resets done several hours ago to try to fix the new infinite loading screens in addition to the old infinite loading screens? Because it isn’t fixed.

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