Water appearance changed on original map, in a very bad way

Thank you, glad that you mentioned the setting.

All comparison pics before and after the fix are medium settings and no mods.

After today patch, this is high setting which the water is almost transparent clear.

and this is ultra.

lol, it looks weird now.

To be fair, FunCom’s devs made water pretty dang realistic. It looks like shallow, clean water right there, which is what it is. But yes, i did like the turquoise tint it always had too.

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Just the word I’m looking for…

Right now on high / ultra that the water is super clear is not that realistic. I do appreciated Funcom’s effort and I’m not trying to be greedy or anything, just hoping the oasis has its magic back.

Oh yesss…turquoise blue.

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yeah 10cm deep stream may have such transparency, 3m deep pond… not so much

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We want blue water color back !!! :slight_smile:


I thought this was intended and at first I liked it, it felt more realistic… But on second thought, it makes things really feel polluted and, shall I say… depressive?

I like the clear water over the bluish (?) one, now. I hope they keep it that way. But things change daily now, so, who knows what color the water will be tomorrow? :sweat_smile:

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The new water is not bad, although the old one was much nicer. The problem, however, is the distinctly blue waterfalls on the crystal clear rivers, which completely break up the atmosphere because they are completely unnatural.

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Another super hideous change done, under table. Why am I forced to play on ultra just to see proper water instead of a muddy puddle? Ultra looks weird, below ultra looks weird, WHO makes these decisions… PvP changes are super awkward, everything is awkward, every patch is puzzling us even further.

In their brilliant mindset, thought that dividing recipes would make less clutter, gave us 10 new giant benches, none ever uses on pvp. Now the pvp changes are so weird, it takes special effort to make bad decisions every time.

There should be option to toggle this water thingy, how can a company can be only consistent in making their player base more upset in every patch, I mean even a broken clock shows right hour twice a day. I do not remember one single patch I hadn’t got a headache and forced myself to keep my server afloat.

Sepermeru was 60 fps flat before, now I float around 45-50 what in the hell.

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I for one like the bigger benches. I think of them as optional, luxury itens. In PvP, you build them just to flex, I think…

New patch notes say the water color/texture was fixed. If anything it’s worse now. Since 2.4 came out I get incredible glare off water. with 2.4.1 I can barely look “west” in the afternoon if I’m near water. Looking at it even gives me a headache. I was going to post a screenshot but there was virtually nothing to see, a couple of vague mountain tops and the rest a glaring white. All this is on exiled lands where I play solo with no mods.

Water should reflect the skies :slight_smile:
The sky in Siptah changed and the water texture was probably used on both maps and changed as well
Maybe the water on EL doesn’t reflect the sky and just needs colouring.

But I’m not 100% sure

Currently, the water is not as bad as it was right after 2.4, but I really preferred the old coloring, and also the waves at least in the noob river. Now it looks like some kind of clear jelly or coolant, not as water like.

Also the smaller rivers, which are shallow, have basically no color, making the water less noticeable.

There is one change, which I do like however, and that is that the smaller river water now flows along the river. But I do wish we would get the less transparent and more blue water back. And the waves… please flush away this gelatin thing or whatever it is… KY jelly?

Anyway, I don’t feel safe drinking it :grin:

Oh, and… I do appreciate the effort!
Even if the result is not currently working for me


Hey all,

Quick PSA: We’re fixing the water in 2.4.2. Hallelujah


This issue should be fixed with 2.4.2. See the patch notes below:

At least the smaller river near sink hole still lacks blue

And noob river is very transparent and still


Thanks for the info @Starkwolf. Sending water back to the workshop.


Water generally has different coloration, based on depth. Shallow close to shore can be much more transparent and as it gets deeper, the desired color should become much more pronounced. Any chance the devs can dig that deep into rewriting the water code?

Moving water on dirt tends to be muddier. Moving water on sand or rock is generally more blue. Water with a lot of vegatation in it generally more of a greenish tint. Glacier fed lakes and rivers are commonly azure blue from all the rock dust created by glacier erosion. I think that is about the prettiest water color of all. It isn’t really natural to see in a desert, but this is a fantasy world, so I’m game.

The post two above this one - the bottom pic is all the same color, from the deepest part to the 1cm deep edge. Very unrealistic. That water looks more like a glossy shadow than water.

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I think it is possible, it’s pretty much materials config (not that it’s easy), types of water are already defined on map, but they need approval to put enough time into this and that may not happen

Was swimming yesterday from Melt Water Craig direction Ice-spire on EL. There the water is cold, and nearly perfect. It’s blue, and icy, and the look make you shouder.

That’s how water should be, adapted to the place it’s in.
Also reflection of the sky does lot. In the jungle it would be more greenish, and reflect the surrounding trees and vegetation to.


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