We need thralls who are merchants

CE is certainly a survival game, but a multiplayer survival game. This involves social interactions such as mutual aid, war but also trade. I don’t think it would be complicated to implement a new type of captured NPC into the game to serve as merchants. Moreover it works for all types of game: in PVE for social interaction, in PVP we would attack opposing merchants and in roleplaying.

It would also be interesting to have chests or boxes that cannot be locked. On the private server on which I play, the chests are locked by default (server parameter to avoid theft because a lot of people play on this server which is regularly at 40/40). But this prevents you from being able to leave goods available to other players. In short, a safe or a self-service stall would be welcome.

I hope Funcom is still looking at the forums because it seems to me this has been asked a lot regarding merchants. Good game everyone !


personally I would find it fun to be able to bring merchant stalls into play and see other players sell or buy (without being there or connected). It would also be useful for RP players.

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This would be awesome if you could put a merchant stall outside your base or perhaps an area was added to the server where all players could set up stalls kind of like a merchant square.

Especially since there is few items from the Bazaar that allow to build a marketplace.

While i’m at it, I’m trying to train my thralls as quickly as possible but it take hours: I’m doing rocknoses in Shattered springs until level 10 - 12 then frost giants in the Temple of Frost.

Someone told me to try Klael’s Stronghold once 18 to go 20 but i’m afraid to lose the thrall, last time i tried it didn’t go well.

Have you some tricks to train thralls fasters? Thank you by advance.

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