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Hello Exiles!

“Look out! A Darfari cannibal… with a starmetal mace?”

How many of you have made a Kushite only to realize there aren’t any late game Kushite themed weapons? At least the Khitans have the DLC packs, right?

Although not game breaking, it is shameful to have a wide variety of weapons that never see use because they’re weak when compared to similar items (Iron Coresque vs Stygian Spear). Yes, I realize these weapons do come with levels and the higher level weapons deal more damage - in most cases (exception: Ancient Khopesh vs Hardened Steel Sword), but iron is iron and weapons are weapons.

Below is an outline of how the weapon system could be improved, simply by allowing the skins to be crafted at multiple tiers, and therefore allowing players to use the weapon skins they find appealing, rather than what is best damage (Meta). This approach would help maintain themed play for RPers and RP servers without them sacrificing effectiveness in gameplay.

Weapon Feats
Multiple categories in the Feat Weapon tab, broken down as follows:

Similar to how tools unlock; each weapon tier (ie: Iron / Steel / Hardened Steel / Starmetal) requires a particular level and amount of knowledge points to unlock. Each tier requires the previous be unlocked first.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Special Recipes
Level 1 Level 10 Level 30 Level 45 Level 60 Level 60 Varies on recipe
Stone Iron Steel Hardened Steel Starmetal Epics Recipe (ie: Darfari, Obsidian)
Crafted from inventory Crafted at blacksmith bench Crafted at blacksmith bench Crafted at blacksmith bench Crafted at blacksmith bench Crafted at blacksmith bench Require recipe. Crafted at blacksmith bench

Recipes weaponry can be crafted in each tier, starting with tier they are acquired. (ie: Darfari obtained at Tier 2, and can be crafted in Tier 2 through 6)

Skins (possibly titled “Schematics” / “Blueprints” / “Designs” / “Weaponry”):
OPTIONAL - Unlocking a technology tier unlock the “base” skin in that category (ie: a basic iron sword when unlocking iron weapon technologies).

Skins unlock independently of the technology tier allowing for the same skin (ie: Khopesh) to be made with different material (ie: starting with iron, then steel, hardened steel, and eventually starmetal), and the weapon stats reflecting the material tier respectively (see weapon damage).

(categories in no particular order)
Contains all weapons that function as one-handed blades. (ie: Basic Sword, Stygian Khopesh, Cutlass)
Contains all weapons that function as axes.
One-handed Blunts:
Contains all weapons that function as one-handed maces, clubs, etc.
Contains all weapons that function as javelins (one-handed spears).
Contains all weapons categorized as shields.
Two-handed Swords:
Contains all weapons that function as two-handed blades.
Contains all weapons that function as two-handed spears.
Two-handed Blunts:
Contains all weapons that function as two-handed hammers / Clubs.
Contains all weapons that function as dual wielded daggers.
Contains all weapons for jousting.
Contains all bows.
Contains throwing axes (consider adding throwing knives).

Upgrades / Modifications

Tool Upgrades:
Contains all tool upgrade kits.
Repair Kits:
Contains all weapon repair kits.

Weapons Damage
The base damage would be normalized to the material and weapon type, not the skin. For example: an Iron Cutlass and an Iron Khopesh (both iron swords) would be equal in base damage. However, a Hardened Steel Cutlass would have improved base damage when compared to a Steel Cutlass.

Thralls & Weapon Quality
This system would remain unchanged on the whole. Standard, Exceptional, Flawless items would still be produced based on the Tier of the Thrall operating the blacksmith bench, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Thralls would still unlock skins unique to their race regardless if the played had the skin unlocked. Other bonuses (crafting speed, material cost) would remain unchanged. The only addition could be a filter to sort what tier of weapons are shown (ie: iron, hardened steel, etc.) as well as the additional recipes for each tier of weapon.

Hoping to hear some feedback on this!

A side note: the weapons provided in the DLC do not include mid-level variants, only starter and end-game. This could lay groundwork for further DLC and perhaps even a related Armor system overhaul.


This is a major overhaul of the crafting system. I agree it stream lines crafting.
Choose a tier, choose a skin, choose a grade, maybe choose a mod rather than addon kits.
Each choice could affect the crafting cost. Making a tier 6 sword with the stone sword skin would cost you starmetal for choosing tier 6, and for choosing the stone sword skin it costs additional stone as well.

This would of also made it easier for them to add new weapon types to the game complete with mid grade variants(short sword, 2h axe, katana).

Adding DLC content would simply add more skin choices to the existing system.

Would cut down on the size of the crafting menu which grows with every DLC released. Could simplify the crafting menu to a handful of combo box choices.

Different blacksmiths could unlock certain skins. The tier of the blacksmith could reflect the grade of the weapon available to craft.

Like you hint at this could stream line armor making as well.
Its a good idea if there ever is a major crafting overhaul.


I really like your idea, well thought out! Personally, I feel like a massive overhaul of the weapon and armor system is very much needed. As you said so many options in the game that are just never used. Although I have a question, what weapons fall under the epic tier, are these legendaries or weapons on par with legendaries? Would legendaries be craftable under your system, or do you still need to farm them?

I think the kits function well enough on their own, though being able to change kits could be a nice option.

Mods could come in +Str, Acc, Vit, etc., similar to what legendary weapons give, or even tiered within a tier. (ie: +1 Strength for Iron weapons when crafting at level 10-16, +2 Strength for Iron weapons when crafting at level 17-24, and +3 Strength for Iron weapons when crafting at levels 25-29)

These Epics could include further customization options when crafted, possible adding +Strength, +Accuracy, +Vitality, etc. making them function similar to Legendary weaponry. Of course with this bonus, they would require more materials, or complicated recipes (ie: crafting a +Strength Sword Hilt and a +Strength Starmetal Blade, then combing them to make a Epic Starmetal Sword with +Strength).

Also, I’ve seen posts where people mention naming weapons… maybe this feature could be added here.

No, I wouldn’t go as far as including Legendary weapons. I think there should be some unique weaponry as loot / not craft-able.

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