Weapon swap time/ Animation cancel

One request that keeps surfacing on our community discord is in regards to weapon swapping and animation cancelling.
Our community feels that switching weapons could lock a player from attacking/blocking (but not dodging) for longer than it currently does, with immersion in mind.

The second is more of a complaint that keeps surfacing more often. By sheathing/unsheathing your weapon you can do feints or cancel lengthy animations that last after the hit (like the long animation of getting back on your feet after the greatsword heavy finisher). It makes sense that you can dodge out of these - it costs stamina, while sheathing/unsheathing does not, and is generally in our community considered an exploit that staff has no tools to police unless everybody records their pvp.

Please Funcom give these some thought and at least fix the sheathing/unsheathing animation cancel!


100% agreed!


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