Well..the new Purge System is an EPIC Fail IMO

I have tried multiple ways to trigger and complete a level X purge (I am dedicated to try the hardest of the hard) and…well…after over a dozen tries…the purge ends with, after several minutes of combat, well, we are not able to…yadda yadda yadda… and it quits. I tried to nerf my defenses but add defenders (Golems, Archers and Fighters). Nope we are chicken ■■■■■ and and we are gone. It is an endless failure. And the rewards I got from a level IX purge on Siptah was…Yawn… underwhelming. All this and the fact that my other Bases and Camps are NEVER attacked. I have always enjoyed the variations of enemies on the purges. Just for the Thralls at least. Oh Well. How can I complain after 8,900 hours of enjoyment? I can’t. Maybe AoW3 will be better. I don’t hold much hope. Much Love.

I do think the devs have to change how the purge spawns… The amount of failed spawning is ridiculous. I have not tried it myself but there are way too many issues.

I trust devs will hammer out the kinks in this purge eventually though.

Is the purge spawning blocked by material nodes, lootbags on the ground, animal spawns or something? Sounds like that would be an easily solvable issue if true.

OMG I hope you are correct.

i cant even get a commander to spawn on a level 9 purge. last night me and my friend were mindlessly killing hundreds of enemies for over 40 minutes! no commander. so many enemies flooded my base that the lag made the game completely unplayable and i had to reset my server to force end the purge.

the AI needs a complete overhaul. purge enemies with melee weapons will run around in circles as they try to figure out a way to get to archers that are above them on walls shooting them. they cant get up there, its impossible, so they either stand there and do nothing, or run back and fourth. either no battering ram guys spawn, or so many spawn that your doors fold like paper.

dying during a purge may as well be a game over. when you respawn, everything, and i mean everything, takes forever to load in. doors are invisible and cant be opened or ran through. enemies are invisible and will swarm you and you cant fight back.

the new combat changes in chapter 2 make it utterly impossible to fight several enemies at once. if you get tapped at all, at any point in your attack combo, you immediately stop attacking, get staggered, and have to start the combo all over again. i aggroed a pack of 15 guys and it was physically impossible to fight them. i get off 1 attack, get hit, staggered, swarmed, body blocked, dead. before chapter 2, you were able to eat some hits while doing a combo, so you were actually able to get attacks in. now you cant, but surprise, the enemy NPC’s attacks will not be interrupted upon being hit. they will just keep attacking right through your attacks.

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