Welp, time to assemble that Archstone

A little about me: I downloaded this game on a lark as its park of the Playstation Extra games, and I immediately fell in love. Sure, it was buggy and rough around the edges, but the possibility space of this game was temarkable and I’d not seen anything like it yet. I happily played single player on PS5 until my save crashed and weeks worth of work was corrupted. I was heartbroken but saw on the forums that bug fixes might come in with the addition of Age of War, so I waited, and when it released I started a new single player game. Again, I was happy, until again my single player save was corrupted and all progress lost.

It left me jilted. I wanted to play this game but the instability on single-player was frustrating, so I decided to play on the official servers where surely this kind of thing never happens. I happily spent a good month or so on official PVE-C until one day, out of the blue, the server crashed one afternoon and stayed down for at least 16 hours. When it reappeared, the server state had been rolled back several hours. I couldn’t believe it, and though I hadn’t lost everything, the fact that this could happen at all on an official server left me feeling betrayed - I don’t really know what other word works in this context. I thought this was the last time, I told myself. Surely, this was a one-time thing and won’t happen again…

It’s not really about losing 48 hours worth of progress. What it’s really about is a loss of trust. I don’t trust this company anymore - their ability to solve or avoid problems, their predatory practices, their milquetoast apology for their mistakes. What’s to stop them from rolling back again in a few months, after another mistake? Oopsy, you’ll still play, right OP? Here’s some bonus XP quit crying.

I don’t believe this company respects you or your time, and so I no longer trust them with mine. This game reminds me of my home city of San Francisco, a beautiful place with lots of potential that’s run into the ground by fools.

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“A liitle about me”
Nuff said

I lost trust in Funcom back in 2001 when my credit card was charged 3 times with the billing issues that hurt public perception of thier first MMO Anarchy Online, yet for some reason I am still here :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate Thomas but i’m with you. I needed to be blown away by their apology offering to keep going with this. 2x gather rates in exchange for 20 or so wasted hours this weekend.

I don’t know who they’re making happy with that, i suppose if you lost your thralls and you get that, maybe you’re alright with it. I can’t imagine anyone who really played the game this weekend is ok with this result.

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I hate that I’m sitting here considering the same thing. I think this is what they call an abusive relationship.

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