Went several days back in time (from Level 50 to Level 44 again) and lost all achievements ever since!

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I played Friday 01.09.23 with a Level of 44 and then the purge happened. I did it and played further after that on saturday and sunday. In that time I repaired our base and aquired Level 50, several legendary Weapons, the golem knowlege and of course I produced a lot of stuff like, over 20 palisades, steel and hardened brick. Today I logged in and now the purge didn´t happen at all and I´m Level 44 again and lost all material, weapons, knowledge and Items as if I went back in time. All my hard work the last days was in vain.

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This has happened to every one across all official serves. There was a major bug which set the decay timer for thralls on all official servers to 1 day. Which meant that over the weekend, many people lost all their thralls which represented hundreds of hours of work.

The only solution Funcom had to fix the screw up was to rollback the servers, meaning undoing all changes that had occurred over the weekend.

There are mainly threads on the forum which goes into more detail about the hole thing. It is a big shame, but this was the best solution they had.


Ah okay, thanks for the info. Wish I would´ve known this beforehand, so I had the chance to do nothing in that time and henceforth do not lose anything.


That is very understandable.

It is dumb that they did not create a warning notification in the launcher, which let people know that there was a risk of a roll back. I am guessing that the launcher does not have support for sending out small notifications.

I hope that they implement a strategy to prevent this from happening again, and that they are transparent about what they are planning on during to safeguard against this happening again.

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When you logged in Friday did you notice all your Thalls gone?

No, all my thralls were still there. I even got the ones back, who have died during the purge that happened shortly after. But naturally I lost the Level 4 purge-thrall I got during the purge and my Battle-Pass achievement for slaying 10 hyenas. It´s troublesome. I finally cought up to the other member of my guild who had already achieved Level 50.

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This is because you had logged in WITHIN that 24 hour time period before they decayed. You’re fortunate. I was also able to avoid the loss for the same reason. Unfortunately, many others weren’t so lucky, hence the rollback. Since I’m a regular on this forum, I was able to learn about the problem, but many posting about this all today, yourself included, were not… so, unfortunately, it came as an unwelcome surprise. It’s been a pretty hot debate. We appreciate your understanding on the matter though. Many new and returning forum members have not been so sympathetic. You’re correct though, it can be quite frustrating to be surprised with such a mess up. We who regularly play this game have become accustomed to Funcom “surprising” us with these issues.

Yeah we lost some dope purge thralls too that we captured over the weekend. It hurts so bad lol

Let me help a bit.
If you want to be lvl 60 fast go and gather black ice. Unfortunately it’s broken and you take the hell of xp.
If you wish to gather huge amounts of materials in absolutely no time place at least 3 perks in expertise, you need the hardworking perk. But use a pickaxe, it unlocks on lvl 43 so you can fix one.
Lvl 44
Suggestion for perks.
20 points expertise (final beast of burden, you carry the whole damn map :rofl:)
15 points agility, you need the quik footed.
5 points in vitality (regenerate)
4 points in grit.
Use an agility weapon and pickaxe. Take some steel and leather with you to repair your pickaxe on the way and a good Thrall to tank your path.
Everything you lost in materials you’ll get back in max an hour and you’ll lvl up too just from harvesting.

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