What a wild ride. 5years and 11k hours

Yeah right? A simple warning and a timespan to fix your violation is appropriate. Not this insta banning/deleting behaviour that Funcom is providing at the moment. They’ve been developing and supporting games since 1993 but still handle some things rather unprofessionally…


Going too big?
How about trying a private server or three that’s more forgiving to server performance stuff? 5 years as well - am guessing that’s on same server or just in the game? Good luck.

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Multiple different servers in the same region. All been admin wiped now

Had og thralls, yogs touch before nerfed. lying bastard swords before they got nerfed ect ect

all gone. :smiley: :smiley:

Yup, I can’t agree more. Just demolish the bases (and do it fairly across the server - and regularly) but stop banning people for base building - even the more ridiculous ones.

Timeouts and bans should be reserved for actual cheaters or maybe people that wall off a base - stuff like that. Or maybe even too egregious chat s**t talking?

Warnings, I’m on the fence about. Sure, if it’s 1st time violator maybe… But if warnings are to be a thing I think it would be better for all involved to list the offenders in The Message Of The Day dialog box which requires everyone to at least click the OK button before they can play.

I believe we have established that all bases on all official servers can be checked weekly with basically the same staffers they have now. Especially if they filter OUT zendesk tickets of players reporting other player’s bases - or disallow that category all together. So people building ridiculously will lose everything but their thralls weekly until they figure it out.

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its the fact is if someone thinks your base it to big and don’t want to waste their bombs on you that can use the report system to falsely report you and get your stuff deleted and you banned so they can get hopes of being the first one there to get your stuff… just like it happened to me… i logged in as my base was crumbling and the person that was involved was there grabing what he could and running off while the other two guys that was running by it saw what happened also and managed to save some stuff for me… so with that being said i was able to put a stop to the person that wrongfully report me from getting to much of my stuff… and boxed it all up before i was banned… and allowed my friends on the server to go after my stuff… but the point is my base was built up for pvp yes it may look a lil over sized but … there is like 300 more base across the pvp server that far bigger then what we had and way more land claim then i ever do but its is just the one that’s targeted out by someone cause they don’t like your build or maybe its to much for them to raid… but most part sadly its a influx of new players to the game that think they know everything and don’t give a rats butt about ppl that’s been around conan for years helping others…


Explains why you stranded on Renes servers. :rofl: :innocent:


Here we go again assuming because someone got banned they are cheating or being toxic. Take a step back look around this is simply not always the case

The thing is it’s not as simple as having a big base… from my experience there is currently a thing called spam reporting so if you get enough people to report 1 clan it’s pretty much guarantee admin wipe. I watched a clan get banned the other day and their base was admin wiped.( from what I could tell and I’ve read as much into it as everyone it was not against tos) Funny thing is if the admins actually cared about their so called rules they would have gone 2 grids over to another base( with alters on the map) and noticed the ridiculous amount of old fence stack that was still there. Not to mention every mountain surrounding them land claimed. That tells me they don’t care enough to simply teleport to other bases just to check. Is it really that hard to get a warring! “Hey your base is a bit laggy and you have to much land claim. You have 2 days to get rid of it or you’ll be banned” seriously it’s not that hard to do. Its getting really old seeing all these posts about player base being banned and not knowing the real reason. The entire system in which funcom goes about this is completely broken. This is my opinion that I’m entitled to one so let’s try not to flag it right away.

The problem is then one could use an alt, exploit the crap out of bugs, the clan reap the benefits knowing only the alt will get the ban. Clanning up unfortunately means knowingbyour clan mates and their playstyle.


Oh dear Boobie (I like boobies, by the way). I never said anyone had cheated. I just suggested that in the future people shouldn’t cheat, hack or otherwise make the game miserable for others… Those 3 points are normally what Funcom ban people for. It then transpires that Foggy, in his own words states:

That to me is my point exactly. By making his base too large, not once, but 4 seperate times, he has indeed made the game miserable for others. Those of us that play on Official Servers regularly know this, and it is heart breaking that an established player such as Foggy doesn’t seem to.

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No. The problem is banning non-cheaters in the first place.
And if there is actual cheating then yeah, sure, ban the clan.

So your FPS dropping down to 40 for 8 to 10 seconds makes you miserable? If it’s dropping lower than that you need to reduce your settings. The kinds of bases that people are often being banned for don’t actually cause all that much lag. Yeah, yeah, some might… But of the banishments I’ve looked at where I could look, no… over half would hardly produce any FPS drop at all - not much difference from FC placed enemy camps - and often even less.

Where’s the misery?


No, it’s like that everywhere. That’s one of the complaints people are having and likely why (or at least partially why) people seem to think the report system is so bad.

There’s no consistency of enforcement. If I believe people here, and there are enough individuals making the same claims that I do, a reported base can be wiped for having 8 or 10 lights in the front yard and a guy just down the street can have 50 lights all over the place and not get banned or wiped - for months on end - or until it too is reported if ever. Just as one example.


i am not on support of bans for over building either. I was just pointing out why the entire clan suffers. By proxy alts would be a norm for clans to break ToS rules and/or use exploits. I mean it kind o fhappens now, but at least they have to work around being ourside of a clan. Making itveasier only promotes abusing alts more.


I would also say there is no consistency in reporting. Some folks see it as snitching (the macho, I handle things on my own with dragonpowder and avatars), others see it as a means to leverage (Aholes that won’t be affected at all by clarifications. They will continue to report because why not? it’s not costing them anything and the end result would be eventual meaning the time in reporting is worth it) , and there are various folks in between.

The biggest thing is that if it’s not reported on, it will not get reviewed and that is regardless on how anyone feels about player reporting vs active admin monitoring.


But IMO, that’s why it’s F’ed up in the first place. It’s true for servers and you see it here in the forums too.

You can’t give players power over other players and you can’t give forum members power over other forum members. Flags, reports, anything like that, WAY WAY more than half the time it is just used for petty ends. Where a game company gets an insane idea like this I dunno but it’s not worked, it’s not working, and it’ll never work - until we ALL become perfect angels or something - and that just ain’t happening! :innocent: :discopug:

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It’s like citizen enforcement laws like California prop 65. Where people are sued if breaking the law by other citizens and a judge decides. The law get more and more codified as each case gets resolved.

Hey when Funcom Develops a system that lets you make anything anywhere, with no upkeep. then punishes you for abiding by their laws.
Makes sense to me How dear you do what the game allows you to do.

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Uh oh, looks like someone forgot that there’s more than just officials again.

Yes, you absolutely can build wherever and whatever you want. On singleplayer, or your own server. Official servers are a public shared space provided as a courtesy, all they ask is you don’t defecate in the sandbox when other people are in the park. However, some people seem to lack that self control…


Greetings Everyone,

Remember to always check our official server guidelines if you are unsure if your structures may be in conflict with our rules.

We also have this thread with some additional explanations on claim spam. We’re also working on adding even more details on content block and large bases that affect the server performance so please keep an eye out for that.

As always if you are unsure why your account is suspended or banned please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to provide you with additional information.