What did they use and do?

so i just witnessed 3 attackers all hitting my vault with war hammers and they broke it pretty quick but when i tested what they were doing it did barely anything, anyone know what they where doing ?

I dunno, cheating maybe :man_shrugging:. As far as I’m aware all weapons and tools do negligible damage to structures and chests no matter what tier they are.

I could be wrong and maybe a certain Hammer actually does good damage to chests and vaults but I am not sure about this. It could also be that they had already damaged the vault a lot before you started watching, maybe it got hit by explosive damage and then they just finished off the little amount of HP it still had with their hammers.

May be they blowed it before and finished with hammers

Any case they had siege hammers? Ik the weapon is supposed to have been removed, but since ussual fc tactic is to change only new ones and not the ones that already implemented, could be (if ofc anyone can verify it)

Maybe breaking the foundations underneat?

they have done it again, only tiny amounts of damage to 1 or 2 foundation and a missing vault, tribe mate saw it this time tho so i can’t confirm for sure, i tired testing it on private server but couldn’t figure anything out.
id say we might be wrong about this but we have seen it twice now and the clan doing it are already well known for exploiting everything they find

You on a private server or is this on official. If you on private then I would message the admin and ask him if he can investigate. Unfortunately if you are on official then the investigating will have to be done by yourself :/. Funcom rarely moderates or investigates officials so the chances they would actually investigate on something as vague as this situation is very slim.

Maybe an approach would be to be friendly and very “ah GG guys” kind of attitude with the clan doing it. Commend them on being soeffecient with their raiding and see if they will be lulled into erevealing it to you themselves. It’s a long shot but maybe worth a try.

Not meaning to sound pedantic, but to clarify some other posts:

-Any weapon will do a point of damage to structures, if they got the vault down with orbs/bombs/arrows/etc and used Repair Hammer to see it had a small amount of health left, they may have decided to save materials and just beat it to death. 3-4 people swinging at a vault can do a fair amount of damage in short time.

-There used to be a weapon in the game (“Siege Hammer”) that violated the above, and did ~60 damage to buildings when hit. They were removed many moons ago, but enterprising folks might have stashed some, been given some by unscrupulous or unknowing admin, or cheated themselves some. 3 people swinging those do about 10k damage per minute…take a vault down in reasonable amount of time.

Those are really the only two things I can think of. As others said, observer and try to get them chatting to see if you can ID the bug.

Just wondering if you’d ever figured out what was happening?

nope sorry, they were well known exploiters so we just wiped then, all we know is they didn’t use bombs for it but haven’t seen it happen since then so just throwing it down to the current bug / bug fix were some structures randomly set there health/decay timer to 0 if attached to a building piece too low down

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