What do we do about cancerous builders on PVE servers?

Seriously. What do we do about cancerous clans on PVE servers blocking/ruining the environment?

On server 1930, we have a group of players that don’t speak english or even communicate, they go around blocking off passages to parts of the map, then after they block it, they literally pillar every square inch of viable building area and resource spawn. They then continue building shrines all over. Further if you somehow were able to even build near their areas, they just wall you in. We built a wheel of pain near an area of the volcano, while we were asleep they walled off the entire wheel so that we cant get thralls to it. We are desperately trying to get a public map room built so that other players can try to teleport around or near these areas they are just walling off and destroying.

We recognized this threat and got lucky and were able to put down elevators in some spots… so there is SOME sort of access, in some spots, but they then wall off and pillar around wherever they can. They are even caging the boss spawns. Even better, they are going around to everyones bases and building 2x2 and 3x3 foundation squares around peoples bases so they cant even build out. Its getting ridiculous.

If this was a PVP environment, I wouldn’t complain, because there is a way and a means of destroying buildings and “fighting back”. But how on earth are we supposed to defend against this on a PVE environment when you have large groups of people essentially griefing via building the map? Going further, we have purges, but at the moment they seem to be broken on our server. None have been able to even spawn… I wonder why…

“Find another server”, is a really lame excuse, we put time onto a official server leveling and building. While these players seem to only care to play in a such a manner that destroys the experience. We went to PVE to get away from cancerous behavior, and honestly, this in my opinion is WORSE than the behavior on PVP.

So what do we do?

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Nothing. There’s 300 official servers. There’s no way to admin that. That would take between 1200-1500 employees to do so effectively. The private server I play on uses 4 admins and it they do a decent job at keeping this stuff down.

Official servers are just the wild west. You have to outcheese the cheesers. You don’t have a choice. You do that or get pushed aside. Your choice has been made for you in that case. That’s just how it is.

The experience you are looking for is NOT on official servers. You can’t have both.

Now you have the information to make an informed decision on what to do next.

Join a server with actually staff.

I made a post with information for the PC server I admin on. Most admins would take care of that problem in a second.

This is the price to pay to play on crappy official server. Just go on a dedicated, there is thousand of them with all the settings you want.

I have a build on your same server, and yes it’s bad. So bad, I’ve stepped away from 1930. I’ll log in occasionally to keep things alive, but since funcom seems unable to help this, I’ve had to move to another server. It’s sad really.

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