What food for greater spiders?

Been doing some google searches for this and cannot find a current answer. I am trying to set up an ichor farm and it was suggested to raise 5 greater spiders in a pen and feed them rotten meat but i cant seem to get greater spiders only regular ones. Is this ichor farm in a pen still a thing and if so what do you feed the hatchlings for the best chance for a greater?

click on expand and you can see the chances you have with foods. :slight_smile:

I saw that list but didnt understand the varients. What varient is the greater?

The corrupted ones.

Statwise they’re the best kind.

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Appreciated, thank you both.

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But you not get these giant spider as pet.
Also I saw last days that as admin I can not spawn one anymore

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I wanted to come back to this thread and give a quick update. After about 20 spiderlings i did end up getting two of the corrupted versions but i do not think the “ichor farm” is worth it.

I had two corrupted and 3 normal spiders in a pen, loaded with rotten meat overnight, but only ended up with about 20 ichor this morning.

I could run through the spiderling cave and get a few hundred in a few minutes but i guess it would be ok for a passive type farm.

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It is not.

We have a player who has covered more of the map in animal pens than I appreciate. They have 10 pens, horizontal, for spider alone. They report 600 ichor a day, so about 60 per pen.

You can get around 1000 from killing komodos in the dregs. Takes 10 minutes.


Its the same with all the pets that produce something, for example rocknoses, you get so little gold or silver from the rocknoses you can get much more in a matter of minutes from the silver mine and volcano, so farming rocknoses is pointless too.

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Indeed it is. But as it sits we have a few people on our server with 30 ish animal pens for farming gold, silver, and ichor.

There’s no convincing them that it is a colossal waste of time and an even bigger waste of building space. And of course it takes quite a long time to set up, so there’s no chance they are tearing them down.


Exactly! The pet “thing” can help you in…
Getting fast Purge casualties. These casualties will grant you many materials after the purge ends.
Getting greater versions of pets that worth it.

Still now you have the obolus “thing”. A few Janos and Dalinsia, even lvl 0 can do better job on purge defense than a great number of pets lvl 0. So farming not worth it, even the fishing one!
Animals pen, one is more than enough , just for fun or role play reasons!
In all the situations, getting out of your estate is 100 times better than staying in!

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