What happens to thrall if your game crashes?

Made a bearer follow me, took a run to shattered island, game crashes ( CE-34878-0) ps4,
log back into server still alive.

I realize my bearer is not following me, I take a run to look for it, it’s gone, hope it’s at home, but none.

So is my bearer going to show up or is it gone?

I had this happen to a friend of mine only exception is that he intentionally left the game with a tiger following, when he logs back in the tiger has disappeared and somehow someway it was back home with items he had placed still in it.

Could this possibly happen with my bearer?

Odds are he’s on his way home, and will return there within the next 10-20 minutes or so. Home in this case is the last place you used the ‘guard’ command on him/her.

While I don’t know about disconnects, I don’t imagine it works any different than other events that break the follower-link while out in the world, which has happened to me a fair number of times. Only place I have had any issues with the Thralls returning as expected is the Volcano, but that place is a death trap for all NPCs not just followers.


Thralls go into a “scouting” phase before they start returning home.

Endgame is that they return to the last spot you had them guard.

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if it doesnt get stuck in the grapic, wait 9 hours for mine. he was stuck in the mountain next to my base and took spike dmg

The situation resolved itself, the thrall is back home with my brimstones.

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