What is That weapon?

On this video at second 40 one player punch on the floor and deal a lot of damage !
What is That weapon ?

Probably a reskin of a shaleback or gorrila in a modded server… the ground slash is their significant move

It looks like the Hammer of Thag - a drop from the Wine Cellar end boss, Thag.

The video claims to be from official server, so it doesn’t sound like it’s from a mod.

In the comments the video creator said that this scene was from a private server, so it most likely was / is a modded weapon.

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Okay i got some news !
This fight is a cut out of a coop play fight and it should be a weapon of dagon🤔
Mods are not working at ps 4:)

W T F was that… also that the weapon kinda stucks in his hand…
Looks more like an exploit then normal weapon mechanic.

Edit: its single player!! So he probably spawned in a weapon from a boss or sth unfinished…

No dagon weapon on vanilla servers have a ground slam as move. So its not.

Could the controls that r shown in the left lower corner be just a pc with controler? Anyone with a controller can verify it? Most pvp players used to play on controller cause an early glitch allowed u to have all attributes to 60 at same time… So it could be a pc with a controler rather than a ps4

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